.SALE: Get online and sell your stuff

The internet is really good for selling things. You can put cool stuff on eBay, and people will give you money for your cool stuff. You can put junk on Craigslist, and someone will give you money for that junk, because people are strange sometimes. You can sell your house, or your car, and all of your other gadgets and gizmos and who’s-its and what’s-its.

And now, there are several New Domains that make it easier than ever to sell your stuff. One of the best ones just became available: .SALE.

Why buy a .SALE for your sale?

Because it makes it infinitely easier to share your sale. There are a ton of free platforms for selling things online, like the aforementioned eBay and Craigslist. But the URLs for your individual sale will be long, complicated, and auto-generated. With a .SALE domain, you can use choose a simple domain/URL, and then use URL forwarding to make it really easy to tell people about your sale.

Selling a house? 123WashingtonSt.SALE. Forward it to the Trulia or Zillow page.

Selling some clutter? 50dollarcouch.SALE. Forward it to the Craigslist page.

Selling a car? 2012Forester.sale. Put it on eBay, and … forward your .SALE to the eBay page. You get the idea.

It’s easy. Name what you’re selling. Put .SALE on the end. Now you have a great URL for telling people about your sale and for sharing it online.