Reasons to Transfer to and not from our Marketing Department

First, a quick word from marketing: our COM/NET transfers are really cheap. For a limited time they’re just $8.25 and that includes a year extension of registration. So if you have five months over at some other domain registrar, when you transfer you’ll have a year and five months registration. Very slick, but to truly grasp why you should take the time (really, like a few minutes and some follow up) to move your domains to, we thought we’d ask some employees who are too burdened/busy to care.

The first is from Jeremiah Stanley in support. He just went through a divorce and should be bitter about everything, but no:

transfer your domain names

transfer your domain names.And now some reasons to transfer to from Nick in dev. He’s a handsome, athletic fellow who woke up the other morning unable to move one half of his face. It’s a random paralysis called Bell’s Palsy and would make most men punch things. Instead, he gently typed out something positive.

transfer you domains to

More reasons to transfer your domain names to come from Henrik. He works out of his home in Seattle, so doesn’t get free beer and is from Sweden so you’d think would be blinded by his indignity over America’s obesity epidemic. Still, he has nothing but nice things to say.

Transfer your domain names to

Or about .14 Swedish Kronor.

There you go, some reasons to transfer into from guys who could have totally blown off an email from marketing asking “Why do you think people should transfer their domain names to” If you still need some extra confirmation, then take a look at what these customers had to say. 

And marketing would like to remind you that, yes, COM/NET transfers are just $8.25, for a limited time. And even when that limited time is over they’re typically around $8.49. And you get a year extension to your registration.

And Jeremiah wanted me to remind you about this.

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