Transfer your Domains to a Swing State: A Message to President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney

First, let me say to President Obama and Governor Romney that transferring your domain name is easy and painless. Our world class customer support will take care of you. I’m also happy to say that WE’RE NOT JOKING! Each presidential campaign is looking for an edge, especially in swing states like Colorado. In 2004, Colorado went for Bush.In 2008 the state voted for Obama. National Public Radio and other news sources have said that in this close election, Colorado could become as important as Ohio or Florida. So, who will get our love? Mr. Obama? Or will it be the challenger to the throne in Mitt Romney? If they want extra support from Colorado’s burgeoning tech community, one or both of them needs to transfer to our swing state!

Meanwhile, everyone else in the world trying to live their lives through a slew of negative ads and wall-to-wall political coverage has already won our vote. You get the same deal as the most powerful men in the world! Use promo code NEWBIE for up to ten $6.99 COM/NET transfers to new accounts (here’s looking at you Obama and Romney), and after that continue to save with SWITCHEROO for unlimited $7.99 COM/NET domain name transfers!