Three easy steps to make your town rock

If you’re a city planner or a member of the tourism board for you local municipality, I’m about to make you look like a wizard. You have people looking to you to get people and their tourist dollars to come and appreciate your area, and now, with one simple trick, you can make your hometown rock. Please hang on. It’s about to get awesome.

This awesomeness is called URL forwarding, and with all these New Domain names it’s become exponentially more amazing. Watch the video above or, in three simple steps, I’ll demonstrate how to make the website you already have more memorable and profitable.

Step 1. With the New Domain names you can now buy something shorter and more marketable than what you might already have. Simply go to, check out the selection, and buy the web address you want. I’ve purchased LITTLETON.ROCKS for a local Colorado city. Below, I’ve clicked on the domain name from my account and am ready to use URL Forwarding.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.17.15 PM

Step 2.  Once I click on URL Forwarding I fill out the fields to point (or forward) LITTLETON.ROCKS to their current website. I’ve pasted that site under “URL.” To add Meta Tags, I’ll simply copy the example on the page, paste it in the Meta Tag field, and then change the keywords to those that I’d like to be associated with. (So if you’re getting, your keywords might be “california, affordable, trips, tourism”.) Then you simply click Add Forwarding.

Note: You can also forward a domain name to a Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter or Linkedin profile, but often you can’t used “Masked Forwarding.” You’ll use the Redirect (301).

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.43.17 PM

Step 3. Enjoy the magic.


Now you have a new and more awesome way to get to your site without changing a thing. Your original domain name will still work as well. Oh, and now you can kick off that marketing campaign with confidence with your new .ROCKS domain name. You can even keep this trick a secret so you’ll look like a genius and be elected mayor.

Next up:

I think of my little hometown of Gould, Colorado. It gets no love. The last business, a bar, has closed, and the town has no web presence at all. My ultimate goal  is to use the Website Builder to make a .ROCKS website for it. So, yeah, Gould can rock even if four people live there… and so can your city, no matter how big or small.