How to get a domain name like


Kanye West has a new fashion line coming out with Adidas, and it’s happening on a .supply domain name. Since we’re domain nerds, we think his .supply usage is pretty awesome! Do you want your own .supply domain name like If you do, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve made it brilliantly easy to scoop up a .supply domain.


Here’s how to¬†get a domain name like

1. Go to the homepage and search for


2. You’ll then get taken to the search results page. When you see the .supply domain name you want is available, simple click, “Add to Cart,” and then, “Checkout”:


3. You’ll then be taken to the cart page, where you’ll hit “Next Step”:


4. Once you click “Next Step,” you’ll be taken through the checkout flow. Once you’ve finished checking out, you can do a ton of awesome things with your new .supply domain.

  • Some ideas for what do to with your .supply domain are:
    • Forward it to your Twitter profile (ex: goes to automagically & free!).
    • Forward it to your Facebook profile (ex: goes to automagically & free!).
    • Build a blog on it. You can build a blog in one click, here.
    • Build a website on it. Build a stunning website in just a few clicks, here.