The 2nd Annual Dress Up Like a New TLD Halloween Contest

For the second year in a row, put a little twist on Halloween festivities. Instead of wearing costumes with no central theme—because that’s just lazy, folks—we wore costumes that represented New TLDs.

There were many impressive entries in the contest, though none as impressive as John Rupp’s 2012 costume that combined .SKI, .PORN, .MINI, .WANG, and .BEER.

Our winner was Scott McBreen, as .CLOUD. He got $15 to use at Whole Foods, and all the PBR and candy one could consume (though that was more of a prize for the whole office. We’re all winners here.)

new tld cloud

Kristen Pierson did her best Amy Winehouse impression for .REHAB, taking second place. She got $10 for Whole Foods.

new tld rehab

John Liu broke out a racket and headband for .TENNIS. I’m not sure this was actually a costume though. Jon’s good at everything, so there’s a good chance he left the office to go win a singles tennis tournament or something like that. Look at that facial expression! Intense!

new tld tennis

Alex Kehr stuck some duct tape to a hat and became a .UNICORN. A sad, sad excuse for a Unicorn, but a Unicorn nonetheless.

new tld unicorn

John Rupp once again represented multiple TLDs. He’s a all .BUSINESS up front, but a .PARTY in the back.

new tld party business

Here’s New TLD Nic as Glowing Bo (a former employee), or .GLOBO. It’s an inside joke. I guess you had to be there.

new tld globo

Here’s Dave McBreen as .NINJA. He’s sneaky and deadly and wears the socks of the everyman.

new tld ninja

Jared Ewy organized the contest, and also dressed up as .RADIO and .AUDIO.newtld radio audio

Finally, here are our esteemed judges: Chris Steinbeck (left) and Sky Diegel.

new tld judges

Bonus pic! Here’s John Rupp’s hair, one more time.

new tld biz party