Helping You Search Better and Faster!

Recently we’ve made some changes to our search page that help you search for better domain names faster. Most of the changes are subtle, so you may not even notice them. Of course, that is until we explain them all in 3, 2, 1…

Updated UI

We’ve added better paging and tabs to the search page for better navigation through your search results. In addition, you will now see suggested, premium, expiring, and internationalized domain names (IDN’s) next to your search results.

You will also see backorder options for domains that are currently not available. So if the .NET accompaniment to your .COM is taken, you can place a backorder for it now in case it ever does become available. And remember, we always give a full refund if you end up not getting your backorder, or if you cancel your order at any time.

Smarter Searches

We now use GeoIP technology to identify your location and show the appropriate TLDs based on that location. So you’ll see in my search that the .US domain is the third option after .COM and .NET because I am based in the United States.

As mentioned above, we now show relevant domain suggestions based on your search along with premium, expiring, and IDN domains that are related to your search.

Speed Improvements (Technobabble)

Some of the not so visible improvements we’ve made include:

  • Improved AJAX backend and Javascript interface
  • Fully supported asynchronous searching (we load the results as we get them instead of blocking the page while waiting for a slower registry)

All of which mean we can deliver your search results much faster. After all, it is our goal to provide the best tools we can to help you find the right name as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Have any feedback on the new search page? We’d love to hear it!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 7:19 pm August 23, 2010
Harmony Infotech

Is it possible to set some kind of favorite domain extensions which are also searched for apart from the normal ones. For eg. I tend to search for & quite frequently and it would be great if my default search can include this extensions also.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 7:33 pm August 23, 2010

It's not possible now, but it's a great suggestion. That's something that we are considering for future improvements. 🙂

Harvey Specter
Posted at 5:12 am August 25, 2010

backorder kinda fails because for one domain that i wanted didn`t show when it expires ( its a .tv one ) i have the option to backorder it ok but i looked up on another website the one i want expires in 2 years i don`t really feel like makeing a backorder fo that loong 🙂

Harvey Specter
Posted at 3:33 pm August 25, 2010

Hi Usercom,

You make an excellent point, showing the expiration date somewhere would be really useful. It's understandable that people may not want to wait that long for their backorder.

On the plus side, you can cancel at any time and get a full refund. 🙂