and CloudLinux Partner to Improve Server Quality


Innovative shared hosting operating system (OS) developer CloudLinux and leading domain name registrar announced today the details of their growing partnership. is now using the CloudLinux OS, a switch that has had an immediate impact on load times, stability, and the overall customer experience of’s shared hosting services. The relationship began when identified potential issues with its existing environment.

“We take pride in our growing relationship with because the company is a lot like CloudLinux,” says Igor Seletskiy, Founder and CEO at CloudLinux. “ is renowned for its customer support, giving webmasters the assistance they need to get the most from their hosting. However, when problems occur with an OS, maintaining support and service quality is difficult. At CloudLinux, we are very committed to our customers, and, in this case, we used our own excellent customer support team to help eliminate its issues.”

Shared hosting servers are often plagued by individual users who monopolize server resources including RAM, CPU, and disc I/O. This problem, referred to as the “bad neighbor” effect, results in decreased performance for every account on the server. When identified this as a growing issue in its shared hosting environment, the company turned to CloudLinux. After some discussion, CloudLinux was adopted across the hosting platform, with impressive results.

“CloudLinux has significantly improved the stability and performance of our shared hosting servers,” says Dave McBreen,’s Software Engineering Senior Director. “It has been a game changer for our hosting environment.”

“The success of our customers means everything to us,” says CloudLinux’s Seletskiy. “By forging strong partnerships, we can improve the quality of shared hosting and help our customers deliver the standard of service that customers demand.”

As a company centered on excellent customer support, expects the same from its suppliers and partners. With an entire business built around helping web hosts to succeed, CloudLinux met and exceeded these expectations.