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Have you guys heard of Small Business Saturday?

All the big box retail stores cash in on Black Friday, the notoriously huge shopping day following Thanksgiving. E-commerce sites have their big day the following Monday, coined Cyber Monday. So where does that leave the small mom & pop shops? Alas, Small Business Saturday was born. American Express first created the event on November 27th, 2010 and it rapidly gained popularity. Small business owners have carried the momentum and this year promises to be even bigger than last. Just check out the 2.2 million ‘Likes’ on the Facebook page.

As a small business ourselves, we like to support small business owners in every way possible. American express has provided free tools to help businesses promote their participation in the shopping event. In reading over their promotional materials and marketing checklist, it looks like they assume all small businesses already have a website, which we know is simply not the case (that’s where we come in!). As small business owners use this event to help drive new customers in the door, a web presence is essential in connecting with those customers again. Assume your customers want to find out more about your business and services, what products you provide, if you have any special events or sales coming up – you’ll need to send them to a centralized place with all this information.

Time is ticking, Thanksgiving is this week, so if you are a small business owner and you don’t have a website, get on it!!! After registering your business name you can use PageZen to create a simple website that will include the basics such as what types of products or services you provide, how people can contact you, and where you are located. The PageZen 1 page option is always free, if you want to expand beyond 1 page you can test drive the 5 page or unlimited plans. It’s a really simple solution for establishing a web presence quickly. After you get your one page up, you can use some of the marketing materials provided by American Express to really get the ball rolling in promoting your business.

Remember to use the promotional code, ‘GETONLINE‘ at checkout to receive 25% off.

To learn more about PageZen, click here.

Check out a tips & tricks video on setting up a small business site on PageZen:

If you have any questions or need some direction or guidance hit us up in the comments of this post and we’d love to help you out. Cheers to driving new business and following up on great new leads. And if you’re not a business owner, get out there and support your locals!!!

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