99 Cent Domains | Bottoms Rupp Gets Low, real low

If you’ve ever wanted to share your opinion, then you’re a human. And if we know anything about humans, it’s that we also like to save money. So we’ve taken what we know about our species to create the next Bottoms Rupp Happy Hour special:

$0.99 .REVIEWS domain names and 50% off RapidPress!* Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 5.04.13 PM

*Thursday, 3–5pm MDT during Bottoms Rupp

Find out how easy it is to share your critique of anything on earth with a 99-cent domain name. Get a .REVIEWS domain for less than a buck and then forward it for free to Facebook, Twitter, or any number of existing web presences.

And if you want to own your content in elegant online form, then pick up RapidPress, our one-click WordPress, for half off. It’s already an amazing deal with discounted hosting rolled into the easiest way to use the most popular website builder in WordPress, and now you get to take another 50% off of that.

Oh, and another thing we discovered about humans is they work pretty dang hard. Aside from stretching that dollar to buy a domain for an entire year, Bottoms Rupp is an excuse (at least here at Name.com) to grab a beer or two. It’s really the only way we can ever get our domain pricing guy, John Rupp, to budge on these prices. So…if you’re so inclined, grab a beverage and enjoy saving some money.

name fridge keg and apple sauce

Keeping a keg in the fridge helps remind the domain pricing guy, John Rupp, of his incentive. Btw, John, there’s a keg in the fridge.