Get some .SPACE for $1.99

We’re back this week with Bottoms Rupp and the new .SPACE domain for only $1.99. Please share with your friends and family the domain name happy hour that always brings the discounts. As per usual, it’s this Thursday from 3–5 p.m. MST and, as per usual, the discount is big. Before we go on all inspired about the merits of the Internet and .SPACE domains, you can click the mighty John Rupp (inspiration for Bottoms Rupp) below and go directly to the happy hour page at 3 p.m. and get the promo code.

the discount domains happy hour

A common (and fairly accurate) analogy for domain names is that they are real estate on the Web. Domains are your online address for the house or business you’ll build into a website. Now, however, our convenient little metaphor is blowing up and expanding into .SPACE. It’s the domain name inspired by the likes of MySpace, Squarespace, and now your space. The .SPACE extension is ideal for entrepreneurs, start ups, individuals setting up their online identity/resume, do-it-yourself artists, and anyone who wants a memorable space online.