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Do you spend your days staring forlornly at the Premium Domain of your dreams, wishing it could one day be yours?

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Whoa, whoa, why would I want a Premium Domain?

Premium Domains are popular because they are made up of simple keywords that are ideal for website owners. For example, let’s say you currently own the domain name Between its lengthiness and tricky punctuation, it isn’t exactly the most memorable or professional looking domain. Fortunately for you, someone out there owns the much nicer domain name—and this week, you can get it for half price.

Although Premium Domains tend to cost more than standard New Domains registrations, they’re usually really, really good ones that you want for your website. That’s why saving 50% on .FORSALE, .SALE, and .MARKET Premium Domains is kind of a big deal.

So what will you register? The possibilities are endless, as are the potential savings.