Price slash on .SO!

Based on feedback via our social media channels, we have recognized how excited you all are for the new .SO extension (woohoo! We are excited too – thanks for all the feedback). .SO to continue the momentum post landrush, for the next 30-days we will be offering .SO for just $14.49 (regularly $23.99).

As a quickie refresh, .SO is the ccTLD (country code top level domain) for the Republic of Somalia. If you own a trademark it’s a good idea to safeguard it by registering it across several ccTLDs. It’s much easier to secure the name while it’s still available than try to obtain it down the line. Registering .SO is also a great opportunity to expand your business presence. Since .SO is such a new extension there is still great availability, so you have a great shot at getting the name you’re after. It’s also perfect for short, keyword rich domains as well as funny and memorable domain hacks.

.SO what’s stopping you? Go register your new .SO at this great price today!

Click here to start your .SO domain search!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 5:03 am April 29, 2011
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