.CO is three years old! Get .CO domains for $7.99 this week

dotco-logo_rgbAt the end of the day, what you’re really looking for in a domain is a great price and a memorable combination of words, right? You want something short and sweet, and you want good deal.

Well, you’re in luck. Right now .CO domain names are $7.99 through July 21.

Like I said, .CO domains are not Taken.

It’s a truly great time to grab a .CO domain, and here’s a list of the totally-legitimate-and-not-at-all-contrived reasons:

  1. The current price is $7.99. They’re usually $12.99. You save $5 bucks per year off the regular price. Saving money is cool, right?
  2. We like to say that .CO domains are available, but what we really mean is that .CO domains are not taken. .CO is only three years old (happy birthday!), so you have a better chance of getting your first choice than you would with some other TLDs. And even though .CO is the new kid on the block, you get the same treatment from search engines as you would with other common extensions like .COM and .NET.
  3. .CO is two letters. That’s even shorter than .COM. I know I’m stating the obvious here, but there truly is no substitute for simplicity. A year from now their will be extensions like .ENGINEER and .CONSULTING and .ARCHITECT, and that’s awesome, but not as awesome as a two-letter, single-syllable extension that will be incredibly easy to remember (or better yet, impossible to forget!).
  4. There are some really cool .CO-specific benefits, especially if you’re a startup: promotional opportunities on go.co, invitations to tech events, discounts on cool services and resources, and more. You can find more about those perks at go.co.

Convinced yet? Join us in wishing .CO a happy 3rd birthday and start your .CO search now!