Sell Your Premium Domains Through Afternic! + Afternic

We are very excited to announce that is the latest registrar to join Afternic‘s domain listing service! This means you can now opt-in to list your premium domain names on their marketplace to find potential buyers. And if you make a sale on the Afternic marketplace, the transfer of the domain will be very fast, instead of waiting two weeks for the funds to go through Escrow and then finally to you.

To opt-in your domains into this marketplace, you will just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Sign up for an account on Afternic
  • Confirm your account via the email confirmation
  • Start adding your premium domains into your account
  • Make sure you select “Premium Promotion” when you add your domains
  • Follow the instructions on the opt-in email you receive after adding your domains

Not too long ago, Art discussed the benefits of premium domains and in Afternic’s press release, CEO, Bill Mushkin also touches on this and states that “The use of premium domain names to drive traffic and rank well through SEO is becoming more mainstream and is being used by small and big businesses alike.”

He then goes on to add “Joining Afternic’s DLS allows us to connect more sellers and potential buyers through the industry’s largest reseller network, giving sellers the best chance to sell their domain and buyers the best chance to find the perfect domain for their project or business.” A statement that really touches on one of our main goals here at to provide the best tools and services to help you with your various domain name needs.

While other registrars may provide aftermarket services, they are often not the best experience for the customer. We are confident that by utilizing Afternic’s marketplace, we can not just help you sell and buy your premium names, but make the experience a pleasant one.

How To Spot a Domain Scam

In the past we’ve posted about the Domain Registry of America scam, and there are a few sites out there showcasing some of the other ones that are out there. One of my favorites is Rather than continue posting about specific scams, we wanted to share some tips on how to spot them.

Know how your registrar communicates with you.

Most, if not all, of the major registrars will communicate primarily through email. If you receive a letter in the mail asking you to renew your domains, that should be a red flag. If you receive a cold call pressuring you for information, another red flag.

Know your registrar’s payment policies.

Since the majority of registrars do business online, you are most likely going to be paying with credit cards or some form of online payment like PayPal. If you are approached by a company (be it through mail, email, or phone) to pay via check, money order, wire transfer, or cash, that is a big indication that it is a scam.

You should also never give your credit card information over the phone, unless you are 100% certain of who you are dealing with. Giving this information out to the wrong party can cause all sorts of other complications for you.

Beware of fake appraisals.

Sometimes people will try to contact you, explaining that they wish to purchase your domain name after you use their recommended appraisal service. This is often times a scam where the party contacting you has no legitimate interest in purchasing your domain, and is only interested in receiving payment for your appraisal. In these situations, if the deal seems too good to be probably is.

Always check where a link is actually pointing before clicking on it.

It is very common to see emails where the text of the link says one thing and it actually points to something else. You should also check for subtle differences in the URL (misspellings, alternative extensions, etc.). will NEVER ask for your password.

We’re not sure what the policy is at other registrars, but at we will never ask for your password under any circumstances. There are tricky people out there that will try and pretend to be a support agent via chat or email, and they will ask for things like your password or account code to try and gain access to your account.

When in doubt, head to Google.

If you’re unsure about a company or a communication you received, try a Google search or two and see if anyone else has received the same thing. Chances are you’re not the only one.


If you have anything else to add, please share in the comments. 🙂

Renewing Important Domains Is…Important!

Some of you football fans out there might have heard that the Dallas Cowboys have been having a rough season. Some of you domain fans out there might have heard that on top of this, they let their domain name expire at the worst possible time. While we don’t want to pour salt on the wound, this situation was just too apropos to pass up.

Earlier this week, when the Cowboys were busy firing their head coach, fans were busy trying to get to their website only to find a parking page stating the the domain was for sale. Doh!

This is a perfect example of why it is important to keep tabs on the domains that are important to you. Our team is all too familiar with support requests where emails, employees, or credit cards have changed, and as a result the domain expires and the website goes offline.

To help avoid any unnecessary panic, there are a number of steps you can take to help ensure that this type of thing does not happen to a domain that may not just be important, but your business and your livelihood.

Make sure your contact information is up to date.

This is essential. Domain registrars will communicate important information regarding your account to the email address you have on file. If that email address is not current, you will miss things like renewal notices and “last chance” emails. When those emails are missed, your next indicator that your domain needs to be renewed will be when you notice that your website no longer works.

Register your domain for multiple years in advance.

If a domain is really important to you, one thing you might consider is registering for two, five, even ten years. Of course, this means that years down the road you will still need to remember to renew, or at the very least make sure your contact information is up to date so you don’t miss those important renewal notices.

Utilize automatic billing services.

At we offer what is called an Automatic Billing Engine (ABE). You can use this service to allow us to attempt to automatically renew the domains you select up to 45 days prior to their expiration. It’s a great service, and we highly recommend using automatic billing if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of annual renewals. But again, this requires your credit card and contact information that you have on file be accurate and up to date. If not, our attempt to automatically charge you will fail and you will be back at square one.

You’ll notice that even though there are some ways to make the renewal of your domains as easy on you as possible, the most important thing you can do is double check that your account information is accurate. However, stuff does happen, and in the event that it does our support staff is here to help get you back online as soon as possible.

Changes Coming to Domain Nabber Refunds

Yes, we have been listening! Our Domain Nabber customers have been giving us loads of great feedback over the past few months and one item that came up a number of times was how refunds are processed.

Previously, if you backordered a domain and either did not get the name or chose to cancel the backorder, you were refunded to your original payment method. Often times this is a credit card, and if you are placing multiple backorders with this card, this means a lot of charging and refunding — possibly causing issues with your bank or credit card provider.

Starting on November 15, 2010, refunds will be processed a little differently. Effective on this date, Domain Nabber refunds by default will be processed to account credit, which can then be used to purchase another backorder or any of the other products and services offered by This should help eliminate the credit card issues that were cropping up with the old process.

Now, we understand that not everyone prefers account credit in these situations, so we’ve got you covered. If you want to continue receiving refunds to your original payment method, you will still be able to do so after November 15 by following these steps:

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on “Domain Nabber Management” on the right side of the page
  • Select “Original Payment Method” as the default behavior for refunds

Thank you to all of the customers who’ve given us feedback to help improve our Domain Nabber service, we really appreciate it!

Thanks Community – Voted One of the Five Best Registrars!

Yesterday, Lifehacker, a popular tech/lifestyle blog, featured a list of the Five Best Domain Name Registrars and showed up as one of the five! We are both humbled and elated to see that our community voted us up as one of the top five, and we wanted to take a moment to say thank you.

Huge thanks to everyone that took the time to toss in a vote for us!

On behalf of the team, we’d like to extend a virtual high five and “heck yeah!” to all of you. 🙂

Lifehacker is also taking votes on their post to see who is the favorite of the “Five Best”, so of course we’d love to see climb up that list. If you have a moment, cast your votes!

New to the Team: Ashley Forker

Hey everyone! We’d like you to meet Ashley, our new Marketing Coordinator here at Ashley is an east coaster who went to school in Boulder, CO, then returned to the east coast after some time in Chicago. There she realized that she missed the awesomeness of Colorado and she returned to join in the awesomeness of

She’s already been initiated to the team with an appearance on Beer Fridays, a costume contest, and other shenanigans — with her willingness to goof around in front of a camera, she fits right in here. In addition to beer, Ashley enjoys rockin’ out to live music and skiing.

Please join us in welcoming Ashley to the team! \m/

Podcast Episode #3: Something Technical With Sean (DNSSEC)

Length: 9:44

This week our CTO, Sean Leach, joins the podcast to talk about a little thing called DNSSEC. The most basic explanation of DNSSEC is that it provides security for your DNS, but, as you will hear, there is oh so much more involved.

Non-tech folks, not to worry, Sean does a really good job of keeping the technobabble to a minimum. Even as I was politely smiling and nodding during recording, I was actually comprehending (most) of what was being said. 🙂

Speaking of DNS security, the .ORG registry is now running a campaign to practice safe DNS, and they’ve taken a clever angle with it. Check out the PSA-like video below:

Doing Good: MSU Men’s Soccer

We not only love doing good here at, but we also love to hear when others in our community are doing good. So when customer and friend, Chris Folk, pointed us to a site he is managing (with of course!) for a very special event happening at Missouri State University this week, we thought we’d share.

For the second year, MSU is hosting a special game, now named “Living OUR Legacy: Pride. Pastime. Patriots.” The event is a unique venture between the Athletics department and an undergraduate academics course to benefit both the school and the community. Last year they received enough cash and food donations to help the Ozarks Food Harvest provide almost 800 meals to people in need.

This year, the goal is not just to set a school attendance record for a men’s soccer game, but also to honor past and present military personnel through ceremony and charity. The 2010 Legacy game will donate $1 of every ticket purchased to Ozarks Honor Flight — a non-profit organization dedicated to transporting World War II veterans to the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C., in honor of their service and their sacrifice.

If you’re in the Springfield, MO area, you can check out more details about the MSU event here. And if you live elsewhere, but are still interested in donating to Ozarks Honor Flight, you can do so on their website here. Unfortunately we can’t make it to the game, but we’re happy to say that has made a donation to help support this great cause. 🙂

Doing good and want to tell us about it? We’d love to hear from you.