Sponsoring Podcamp Denver!

We’re excited to announce that we will be one of the sponsors of the first ever Podcamp Denver! We had a blast at Podcamp Boulder 2 earlier in the year and we’ll admit that we’re looking forward to participating in one a little closer to home.

Things kick off in Denver this Friday night (10/1) for a bit of networking and planning, and then the “UnConference” runs from 9am to 4pm on Saturday. We’re happy to say that our sponsorship is covering breakfast and much needed caffeine for the attendees. We’ll also be attending and helping answer any domain related questions people may have.

For those unfamiliar, Podcamps are a casual, unorganized conferences for new media enthusiasts and professionals interested in sharing and learning in an open environment. For more details on Podcamps and a list of upcoming events you can find all of the info you need on the official site.

If any of our Colorado peeps are interested in checking out Podcamp Denver, you can register for the event here (it’s FREE!). Hope to see you there!

New to the Team: Pat Ramsey

Okay, okay, those of you that watch Beer Fridays will know that Pat isn’t super new. He actually joined our Dev team earlier in the summer as a software developer, and right away he found himself at home reviewing beers with us in front of a camera. My kind of programmer. 🙂

Pat is a recent graduate of Colorado College down in Colorado Springs, where he majored in Computer Science. When he’s not computing or making beeps and boops (often times with his mouth), he is your typical Coloradoan that enjoys skiing, biking, and chillin’. He also enjoys scuba diving, but I will refrain from making a sarcastic comment about Colorado and its abundance of oceans. Whoops.

We’re very excited to have Pat on board. He codes with the nimble fingers of a seamstress and plays ping pong with the wingspan of a Pterodactyl. One makes him an asset to the team, the other makes him our ping pong nemesis. Either way, we hope you all will join us in (retroactively) welcoming Pat to the team!

Update on Recent Outages

This week we ended up having quite the series of bad luck.

Things started off when the website went down twice due to a hardware failure. In both instances no customer sites were affected, only Our Systems team worked swiftly to restore accessibility and both times they had back online in under 30 minutes. An accomplishment we have to say we’re pretty proud of.

Then, just when we thought we were in the clear, we experienced a separate hardware issue when a RAID controller failed on one of our shared hosting servers. This happened on Tuesday, September 21, at 12:15pm MDT (GMT-6). Unfortunately since this was a shared server, some customers experienced downtime.

Our Systems team worked through the night trying to restore the service. When plans A, B, and C failed, we finally had to move on to plan X. Thankfully we have backup servers for these “just in case” type of situations and no customer data was lost during this outage.

The vast majority of customer sites were back online by Wednesday, September 22, at 11am MDT (GMT-6), and any accounts still experiencing issues were personally contacted and updated until they were restored.

We understand the serious nature of this outage and that for some customers this meant their businesses were offline. To all of the customers that experienced downtime, we sincerely apologize. You trust us to keep your sites up and running, and in this instance we failed you.

While there was nothing we could have done to prevent this particular hardware failure, we have learned a great deal about how we can improve our response time and restoration process. Our team is critically evaluating everything that happened to see if we can prevent outages like this in the future. We are also taking steps to ensure that if we ever get hit with bad luck like this again, we can be quicker and more efficient at restoring your services. After all, time is money and your time is just as important to us as it is to you.

Again, we apologize for the events that occurred this week. We will be sending an email out to all affected customers explaining everything that happened and compensating each account for the time their service was down. This is the least we can do for the inconveniences caused by this situation.

Everyone’s patience and support during the past couple of days has really been fantastic, and we thank you. Further proof that our customers are, in fact, the best. 🙂

Question: What’s Your Favorite Domain?

Yes, we’re feeling curious again! This time we’d love to hear what your favorite domain names are that you own (or have owned). Whether it’s your favorite for sentimental reasons, because it’s your business domain and makes you money, or even just because it’s a little witty, we want to know!

You know the drill, a random commenter will win $25 in account credit, so let us have it! What are some of your favorites??

Fantasy Football? Heck Yes!

Ah football season, time for pigskin, cracking helmets, and screaming fans. With quite a few football fans here at, we’ve decided to put together a fantasy football league! You can check out our league page here. Don’t worry, we made sure to keep the team names clean. 😉 Right now it’s not terribly exciting since the season just started, but you can see a few of the teams already have a nice little “1” in the W column.

Now we know we’re not the only fantasy footballers out there, so if you’re participating in your own league we’d love to hear about how your teams are doing!

New to the Team: Art Enke

Meet Art!

Hey everyone! We’d like you to meet the latest addition to the team, Art Enke. Art is going to be our Business Development Manager and he brings a lot of experience along with him.

We snagged Art away from Intuit (sorry guys) where he spent three years wearing many hats (tech support, sales, SEO, design services) after they acquired Prior to working at Intuit, he built up and sold a successful eBay business that he managed for several years.

A true Coloradoan, Art graduated from Colorado State University and loves mountain biking, camping, and water skiing in addition to SEO and web design. Sorry ladies, he’s married and has three wonderful kids. 😉

We’re very excited to have Art on board and we hope you’ll join us in giving him a warm welcome! is Growing, Check Out Our New Office Space!

New Office from on Vimeo.

We’re very excited to show you guys a sneak peek at our new office space! Our current office has served us well for the past few years, but we’re happy to say that we’ve outgrown this space and it’s time to move to an office that can handle this and future growth. There’s a lot of demolition that needs to be done at the new place, so we won’t be moving until closer to the end of the year.

Here’s a look at our current office:

Old Office

Old Office

Old Office

Old Office

And here’s what our new office looks like (pre-demolition):

New Office

New Office

New Office

New Office

This new space is a lot bigger and actually used to be a gym; almost everything in the middle including closets, showers, hot tub (sniffles), etc. will be torn down so you’ll be able to see clearly from one end to the other. Even though we’re moving, we want to make sure we keep the open and creative feeling of our current office.

It’s an exciting time at and we look forward to showing you more as things progress with the new office!

$19.99 .MX Sale!

That’s right folks! Starting now and running until the end of the month (9/30), we will have .MX registrations for the super low price of $19.99!

While .MX is the ccTLD for Mexico, there are no restrictions on registrations, so anyone can register a .MX domain. For a few more details about the extension, check out our info page.

Podcast Episode #1: Support at

Length: 19:28

We’ve decided to take a stab at podcasting and we’re starting things off with an episode that gives an overview of what support is like here at We had fun making it and it was a good learning experience. Mostly we learned that we need to keep it a little shorter, as 19 minutes even tests our own attention spans.

We hope you enjoy, and keep an eye out for more podcasts from us! They’ll be shorter, we promise. 😉

Domain Nabber Now Supports .MOBI!

We’re excited to announce that .MOBI is now one of the extensions we support with our Domain Nabber backorder service! This is just part of our continued efforts to help you get the domain names that you want.

There are a couple of different ways you can take advantage of this new feature.

If you want to pick and choose your .MOBI domains from a list of expired names that have dropped, you can check out our Domain Nabber page where you can fill out the criteria that you want.

But if you have something specific in mind, you can just do a regular search for that name and place your backorder directly from our search page.

As you can see, backorders for .MOBI run $39.95 and, as always, if you don’t get the name or you decide to cancel your order, you will receive a full refund.