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Designing Apps with Todd Clary and Colin Thomas-Arnold part 2

Tech and business education for the entrepreneur brings you two guys who know their apps. In today’s part II of of two (here’s part one) you’ll hear what it takes to make your app successful, and you’ll get helpful tips on how to get your app noticed.

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The Best UI/UX: Tips, Tricks and Golden Rules to make your website work

You’re not developing for you!

They say a video should be really short–like about 90-seconds–to keep an online viewer’s attention. Unless…UNLESS…it’s really good information. This is really good information. Sherri is our reigning queen of the User Interface/User Experience. She recalls how designers were once employed to make things pretty, and then shares the important reality of making your website’s copy, icons, images and voice one coherent, profitable masterpiece. Now that’s inner beauty that radiates across the web…and into a really hot conversion rate.

The Insightful is posted here every Wednesday, and offers information and advice to entrepreneurs and business ninjas. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for regular informative and entertaining videos.

Build a Loyal Podcast Audience and Make Money! Tips from Michael Sitarzewski…

Get your resume prettied up because Michael Sitarzewski’s company is about to blow up (in the positive, profitable way.) He provides analytics that give podcasters of all media (audio, video, whatever’s next) insight to who’s listening and why they’re staying. That information is what sponsors want to see when making decisions on their next media buy. Plus, podcasting is fairly easy, so get started now. With the right tools you could be living the high life with the likes of Leo Laporte.

The Insightful is supposed to be posted here every Wednesday, and offers information and advice to entrepreneurs and business ninjas. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for regular informative and entertaining videos.

Focus and Align your Business: It starts with the right SEO keywords.

We love picking Troy Olson’s massive brain. He’s the SEO guru over at JEMSU, and from one interview came three great videos. Here he talks about how easy it is to focus your business. It begins with knowing the keywords that describe who you are and what you do. Because, when you think about it, that’s how people will find you…and it’s how your customers will become interested in what you do.

The Insightful is supposed to be posted here every Wednesday, and offers information and advice to entrepreneurs and business ninjas. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for regular informative and entertaining videos.

Tips and Tricks for YouTube Marketing: Talks with Troy Olson from JEMSU

Every week there are more YouTube views in America alone then there are people on the planet. That’s nuts. But what’s even crazier is if you’re not taking advantage of the massive eyeball magnet that is the online video juggernaut. YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the Internet (Yes, Google owns all of us). Troy Olson from JEMSU has a video marketing background, so look to these tips to move your videos up the page ranks and your business in front of more customers.

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Chik Fil A and Target Know How to be Unpopular: Redhead Writing Continues

For our weekly show The Insightful we had started a conversation with Erika Napoletano, whose star is rising as Redhead Writing. Here she continues with how she pulled all her outgoing media into one focused enterprise, how you can do the same thing, and what certain brands are doing right.

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Podcasting gets Smarter (and profitable): Michael Sitarzewski of Explains the Pivot

Podcasting always starts as an exciting idea. And then you and your friends get together and record two or three before your show fades into the Internet’s littered oblivion. Michael Sitarzewski’s growing startup company,, is proving that with the right information your podcast can become successful, even profitable. is garnering attention from some very big players because producers of all kinds of media, from movies to music, are realizing the importance of knowing who is listening and when. But this idea of gathering harmless data wasn’t always the focus of the popular Boulder company. Their CEO explains what they do, why it’s important, and how you’ve got to know when to pivot.

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Listen to this Woman: Erika Napoletano Drops some Knowledge on You and Your Business

Author of The Power of Unpopular: A Guide to Building Your Brand for the Audience Who Will Love You (and why no one else matters), and a rising star in digitalErika Napoletano's book marketing strategies, SEO and all that’s necessary to thrive in today’s business world, Erika Napoletano has branded (with burning hot bluntness) herself as Redhead Writing. In this episode of The Insightful, you’ll get a glimpse of why her website says she “strives to say what others won’t and don’t (but should).” Here, Napoletano aims her truth crossbow at your business, and culls all the unnecessary things you’ve been doing to market it.

Social Media Success Story: Making Criticism Constructive

When we added the .XXX extension to our ever-expanding list of domains, we received a lot of criticism for reminding customers to register it defensively. Below are Tweets that exemplify some of the feelings about .XXX and the campaign to have businesses and institutions use it to defend their trademark. Their arguments are not without merit, which is something any social media manager and/or customer support person should note: never write off someone’s issue. To you it might not make sense. To them it could be the biggest deal in the world. (I think marriage helps with this type of empathy.)
I’ll go through some play-by-play to highlight what may have worked here. I say “may have” as results may vary.
So we got this Tweet:
Robb Fitzsimmons
@robbfitzsimmons Registrars like @namedotcom functionally blackmailing the internet with .xxx emails like this; tactic as gross as porn.
SLAM! That’s well said. @robbfitzsimmons used his 140 characters wisely and with a very sharp point. And anyone who can properly use a semicolon can be kind of intimidating. At this point I have two options:
1. Ignore
2. Kindly thank him for his feedback.
3. Do a little research and let him know that while our XXX email may have insulted his intelligence, we don’t think he’s dumb.So I go to his profile, a great place to find out a lot about someone.
social media success story
On his website I see he is no slouch. He’s associated with Harvard and MIT. This guy already knows that we hear him, now we need to let him know that we HEAR him.
@robbfitzsimmons Well said. We feel that if you’re going to get zinged by somebody that it’s best it’s someone from Harvard and/or MIT.
It’s easy to get mad at a website, but when you demonstrate that your company is made up of actual people who care, well then zing. You’ve made a valuable connection. Conversation ensues:
@namedotcom so, i think i need to be more fair. i’m a satisfied client, very happy with the service. just felt it was a bit opportunistic.
And when the anonymity of the Internet is blown away, you are left with real humans having real conversation.
@namedotcom PS if you would refrain from buying and posting porn to it as retaliation, that’d be appreciated. 🙂
@robbfitzsimmons No, you’re safe with us. And we appreciate the insightful comment. It’s a fine line keeping up with the ‘net & its content
@namedotcom agreed and will continue to turn to you guys for domains; i think you get it which is why i tweeted in the first place.
There is no tactic or trick here. There’s nothing at all cynical about Twitter conversations (actually, there can’t be or you’ll be sniffed out and ignored.) It’s simply about paying attention to people. HINT: If someone has a Twitter or Facebook account there’s a good chance they don’t mind attention.  Also important is getting everyone in the building to understand why the company is about to embark on something, and then making sure they are informed. XXX was not without its controversy within the office, and those discussions helped to hone the office policy as to why we decided to market it.
With that kind of confidence, you can converse like a normal human who has nothing to hide…because you don’t.
Thanks for reading this and, as always, remember social media is a great tool, but please don’t be one.

Conversion Optimization- Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

You’ve waited for it and here it is! This is the second blog post in our Conversion

Numbers are fun!

Optimization series. Today we’ll be discussing conversion metrics, the numbers that measure a website’s effectiveness. Obtaining a higher conversion rate is the ultimate goal, but looking solely at your conversion rates doesn’t paint the whole picture. If you missed the first conversion optimization blog you can check it out here.

Bounce Rates represent the percentage of visitors who leave your site from the page they land on without navigating to another page. Alternately, Exit Rates are a lot like bounce rates, except they capture the percentage of visitors who leave your website after visiting more than one page. These metrics help you determine which pages of your site need optimizing, as well as which funnels are most effective.

Average Order Value gives you an idea of how much money people spend on your site in a particular purchase. This can be very useful in analyzing the buying habits of your customers. It can also be insightful to compare this number to the Customer Lifetime Value, which tells you how much a customer spends on your site across all purchases made. If your average order value is the same as your customer lifetime value it probably means that you have a problem with customer retention. However, if your customer lifetime value is much greater than your average order value there is revenue potential and you’re probably doing something right.

The Checkout Abandonment Rate is the percentage of visitors who add items to their cart, land on the checkout page, and do not place an order. Checkout abandonment plagues every website because companies often make poor decisions in designing their checkout pages. This is the place where users make their final buying decision, having links that navigate away from this page can lead to poor conversion rates. Evaluating the checkout abandonment rate on your site will provide insight into where visitors are falling out of the funnel.

Tracking your website’s Traffic Sources can help you determine which ad campaigns are working and which are not. A traffic source is exactly what it sounds like – a website, banner ad, email campaign, or anything else that directs traffic to your site. Google Analytics has a very cool dashboard that breaks down traffic by source.

The Google Analytics Traffic Source Overview

There are many other KPIs that businesses pay attention to and your taste in KPIs will evolve as your website does. The first step is understanding these metrics and deciding on how you want to use them internally. You may decide that customer lifetime value doesn’t matter, or that focusing on decreasing checkout abandonment is more lucrative than decreasing bounce rates on your homepage. The end goal is to increase conversion on your website, but the path you take to get there depends on what you discover about your site from analyzing your KPIs.