A look inside .CLUB: secret handshakes, registration and more

It’s a great big Internet world out there, so it’s important to weigh anchor by creating and nurturing online communities. Once you start developing digital hubs for the communities you belong to, the often overwhelming Web becomes a place of connection, interaction, and growth.


That connection is exactly what .CLUB offers, and why it’s such an anticipated New Domain. .CLUB is a domain extension centered on creating spaces to call home, for any type of club, anywhere around the globe, including business teams, athletic clubs, science communities, customer communities, culture and pop enthusiast groups, and more.

Who’s behind this innovative New Domain? The people at .Club Domains, LLC. (When they aren’t sponsoring totally awesome bobsled teams, that is.) Who is DotClub, what inspired them to apply for the .CLUB domain, and what makes .CLUB so darn special? We talked to Jeffrey Sass, CMO of DotClub to find out. 

name.com: What inspired you to apply for .CLUB?

Jeffrey Sass: Colin Campbell, our CEO, did a lot of research and concluded that verticalized top level domains had the best opportunity for success. The word “club” stood out because it has generic appeal, but it also works for many verticals. It is short, easy to remember, and adds meaning to whatever is to the left of the dot. Also, it is global. “Club” is spelled the same and means the same all over the world.

What have you been looking forward to most about launching? 

After more than two years of living and breathing the .CLUB vision, it will be incredibly exciting when we see www.something.club websites start to appear, especially when a .CLUB name is used in a way we never imagined ourselves. Seeing major brands actually use their Brand.club address for loyalty and reward clubs and seeing well known sports teams use a .CLUB name will be very satisfying.

You’re the club every .CLUB domain will belong to. Were you secretly trying to become the biggest club around? 

Guilty as charged. We invested millions in .CLUB to become the ultimate club of clubs. Ha! The truth is, a .CLUB name is all about passion and community, and everyone has hobbies and interests they are passionate about. With that in mind, .CLUB appeals to both businesses and individuals, so yes, everyone can be in the .CLUB!

.CLUB is based in Ft. Lauderdale. What makes Ft. Lauderdale a good place to build a business? 

The weather. Palm trees. The weather. The beach. The weather. Did we say the weather?

What’s different about .CLUB? Who should register a .CLUB domain? 

The great thing about .CLUB is that everyone has a hobby or special interest—something they are passionate about, and a .CLUB domain name is a great way to express that passion. From the millions of existing clubs and organizations, to all the brands and retailers who can use .CLUB for their loyalty and affinity programs, to the social groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, to sports teams, golf and country clubs, school clubs, fan clubs, night clubs and on and on, everyone can find a reason to join .CLUB.

Do you need to know a secret handshake to gain access to .CLUB? 

That would be cool, but no. .CLUB is completely open and unrestricted. Anyone can get a .CLUB name.

Any questions about .CLUB, or about New TLDs, in general? Ask below. To pre-register for a .CLUB domain, click here