It’s happy hour for .PUB domains


Are you thinking about a .PUB domain name for your pub or restaurant? If so you’ve got until July 9, 2014 to take an advantage of an awesome opportunity on .PUB domains.

The .PUB registry has decided that there will be no premium-priced .PUB domain names.* So even if you’re after a premium-quality .PUB—think of domains like,, or—you can secure it for the price of a Pre-Registration ($34.99) or Priority Pre-Registration ($199.99.)

Here’s an example: At the moment this post was published, is available at for both Pre-Registration and Priority Pre-Registration. We can’t guarantee that you’d get the domain if you place an order, but unsuccessful Pre-Registrations are fully refundable (Priority Pre-Registrations are partially refundable). Meanwhile, is a Premium domain, priced at $20,000.

What about a .PUB domain for a popular last name, like an Irish pub?,,, … all available for Pre-Registration at this very moment.

You get the idea. There are a lot of common pub names around the world, but even with high demand, you stand a great chance of getting the perfect .PUB for a standard price.


*There are some exceptions that will have “Platinum” pricing, but by and large, .PUB domains will be available for standard pricing.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 12:55 pm June 13, 2014
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