Your customers want to find you online.

  • Your .NET can be your business’ online hub—the right domain name makes it easy to get found online.

  • 79 percent of consumers are likely to search online for information about local businesses

  • 56 percent of consumers do not trust a business without a website

Ready to stand out from the crowd and get your business online?
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Getting online is easier than you think.

You don’t have to immediately build a website when you register a .NET domain name. Your .NET can change and scale as your business grows, without the risk of losing customers. If a website's not in your immediate plans, you can forward your domain to your business' Facebook page, Twitter account, or eBay store. Whether your domain points to a custom-built website or a social network, it still adds a sense of legitimacy to your business’ online presence—and in all likelihood, that’s something your competitors are lacking.

A website is critical to small business success

  • Four out of five (82 percent) of small business owners would recommend a website to other small companies in their industry.

  • Three out of five small business owners agree that a website is critical for small business success.

  • Registering a domain name allows you to create branded email addresses (e.g., rather than using webmail services like Gmail or Yahoo!

Source--Benefits and barriers of bringing a small business online: Perspectives from global small businesses (Verisign)