DPML: Your best defense against trademark infringement

With hundreds of New Domains now available, there are new challenges to protecting your trademarks from copyright infringement. The Domains Protected Marks List (DPML) allows you to protect your trademarks on all domain extensions that are offered by participating registries.

Save up to 95% over registration fees.

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DPML vs. Defensive Registration


An all-encompassing protection that applies to all domains offered by a specific registry. It is significantly more cost effective and efficient than defensive registrations.


Defensive Registration

Requires actively registering your trademark on a domain-by-domain basis. Significantly more costly and time-consuming.

Donuts DPML

The Donuts registry operates 107+ domain extensions. Donuts DPML protects your trademark across all Donuts domains.

$2225 / 5 years

Rightside Co. DPML

The Rightside Co. registry operates 30+ domain extensions. Rightside DPML protects your trademark across all Rightside domains.

$250 / 1 year

$1,550 / 5 years