.SALE: Get online and sell your stuff

The internet is really good for selling things. You can put cool stuff on eBay, and people will give you money for your cool stuff. You can put junk on Craigslist, and someone will give you money for that junk, because people are strange sometimes. You can sell your house, or your car, and all of your other gadgets and gizmos and who’s-its and what’s-its.

And now, there are several New Domains that make it easier than ever to sell your stuff. One of the best ones just became available: .SALE.

The website builder now supports online stores

Our website builder was already pretty awesome. It allows you to create an attractive, professional website—that will look great on any device—without having to know anything about DNS, HTML, CSS, etc.

Now it’s even better. We just added an ecommerce feature, making it easy to create an online store and sell your products and services. You can build a catalog with unlimited items, accept payment from credit cards or PayPal, and manage your shipping and deliveries.

.SEXY is too sexy for its shirt: A rapid-fire Q and A with Uniregistry CEO Frank Schilling

Here at, we know a thing or two about sexy. We’ve even been voted the world’s sexiest domain registrar, in fact. By ourselves. But it doesn’t matter who did the voting, because sexiness is a state of mind, a je ne sais quoi, an attitude, and we’ve got all of that in ten-fold. You’ll just have to take us at our word that we are experts of sexy. And sexy experts. And expertly sexy.

That’s why we’re so excited about .SEXY, a New Domain available now for registration. There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding this new TLD option and it’s easy to see why: .SEXY makes it possible to define what sexy is online, by developing your .SEXY to encompass whatever you think is sexy – a ’67 Mustang convertible, new black leather boots, a 15-year-old single malt scotch or tortoise shell glasses (hey, we don’t judge hipsters here). Whatever you think is sexy, there’s room for it on .SEXY.

But don’t just take our word for it. In this rapid-fire Q and A, Uniregistry CEO Frank Schilling explains why .SEXY is an important New Domain for Uniregistry, what this New Domain could be used for and what .SEXY domain name Nic Cage fans might want to register immediately. What uses can a .SEXY domain be used for? Dating? Business? Personal websites?

Schilling: .SEXY can be used for for fun, for fashion, for recreation, as a novelty, for risqué content. We only ask that it be kept within the boundaries of acceptable use and behind a gateway page if overtly adult in nature.

Why did Uniregistry decide to apply to be the registry for .SEXY?  

I got tired of hearing about a tough economy and hard times in the news. I wanted to launch something fun and free-spirited. .SEXY fit the bill.

In what movie is Nic Cage the sexiest? 

Definitely in “Valley Girl.” is still available.  : )

In your .SEXY promo video, you say “sexy” is more than just a physical state of being and that “everybody is sexy.” Do you think this is a new TLD everybody can use?

Anybody can use it to share photos or to link to friends.  It is funny and FUN.

Is .SEXY too sexy for its shirt? Or perhaps even so sexy it hurts? 

Without a doubt.

What is everyone at Uniregistry most excited about, looking forward to the future?

Whenever we see an individual creatively using .sexy. On day one, we had an excited user register “is[FirstName].sexy” with a landing page that read “Yes.” We love that kind of excitement around our extension and hope to see that continue.

Do you have any questions about .SEXY that didn’t get answered here? Ask below, and we’ll answer. Want your own .SEXY domain? Register now