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‘People eat Berliners’ and other mind-blowing reasons .BERLIN is one of the most popular New Domains: a Q and A with the CEO of .BERLIN


When David Bowie famously recorded the popular hit “Heroes” in Berlin, he was probably inspired by the city’s true heroes, Berliners – the famous, delicious jelly-filled pastries. Heroically delicious pastries, you might say. Okay, so Bowie was actually inspired by the people of Berlin – the “other” Berliners – and it’s easy to see why. Berlin is more than just delicious pastries; it’s a global metropolis, offering cutting-edge modern architecture, bangin’ techno, and David Hasselhoff. And like the city of Berlin, the domain .BERLIN is hot to death. We caught up with .BERLIN CEO Dirk Krischenowski to talk the Hoff, swimming BBQ donuts (you read that right), dotBerlin’s geographic connection to “Heroes” and how you can eat a Berliner and be one at the same time.

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