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With the Name iFrame you can offer your customers everything they need to start a digital brand: domain, website, email, and more. You can integrate the iFrame onto your platform in a day or less.

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BETA IFrame Integration Documentation

DEMO URL: https://www.nameiframe.io/

BETA IFRAME URL: https://iframe.dev.name.com/domain/search?partner_id=demo&key=b6bb87d41edca7eae5a2dbdc1c89bd82b7b25711

TEST CREDIT CARD NUMBERS: https://docs.adyen.com/development-resources/testing/test-card-numbers#visa


1. Authentication requires your URL for which we generate a partner_id / key pair.

Provide your partner URL to your Name.com project lead. Name.com will give this URL permission to display "https://iframe.dev.name.com" within an IFrame.

For TEST environment, your partner_id is "demo", key is "b6bb87d41edca7eae5a2dbdc1c89bd82b7b25711".

For LIVE environment, obtain a unique key from your Name.com project lead to allow access to https://iframe.name.com.

2. Place following code on your webpage:

<iframe src="https://iframe.dev.name.com/domain/search?partner_id=demo&key=b6bb87d41edca7eae5a2dbdc1c89bd82b7b25711"></iframe>

3. Allow framing iframe.name.com.


Use following Content Security policy:

<META http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="frame-src iframe.dev.name.com">

4. Access order data on final page of IFrame checkout

Developer notes:


Confirmation URL:


Upon order completion, order data is posted to parent window.

Place some version of following JS script in your webpage:

* Capture order sent from iframe.dev.name.com

// Called sometime after postMessage is called
window.addEventListener("message", (event) => {

  // Do we trust the sender of this message?
  if (event.origin !== "https://iframe.dev.name.com")
  // event.source is window.opener
  // event.data is "hello there!"
  var orders = event.data;
  if (orders.length){
	//grab domain name, etc.