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Transfer status FAQ

Last Updated: Sep 11, 2017

A transfer is in motion as soon as the transaction is complete. In order to educate and assist, we have included the steps on how to view the status of your transfer as well as some detailed information what it all means.


How to check your transfer status:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click My Account at the top of the page and click Transfers In Progress, under my domains in the upper left.


  • Pending Your Approval - Once the transfer transaction is complete, will send you an invoice and a confirmation email. A confirmation email is sent to the admin email address on file for the domain. You can locate the email address on file for the domain by doing a whois query. Please read the email instructions and proceed to click the link and confirm the transfer.
    Once confirmed the transfer will be submitted to the registry, and the status will update to "Transfer Submitted ETA: 6 day(s)".

    Note: We are not permitted to change the email or send it to any alternative email addresses. If the email address is not correct, or if you would need to update email address, then please change it with your current registrar and then reacquire the email address on file, using the steps in this guide.

  • Pending Unlock - If your domain has the status of "ClientTransferProhibited" it means it's locked and as a result, it cannot move forward in the transfer process. You can look up the status of the domain by doing a whois query. In order to correct the problem, please unlock the domain with your current registrar. For any support regarding how to unlock a domain we recommend you contact your current registrar.
    Once the domain is unlocked it should have the status "OK", and the transfer will proceed on its own.

  • Retrieving Email - We are fetching the admin email address on file. You can always look up the admin email address on file for the domain by doing a whois query. Once acquired we will send the confirmation email. If the status is stuck on "Retrieving Email" for hours then it could be due to whois privacy being enabled for the domain. Please turn off whois privacy and contact support if the issue persists.

  • Sending Email - This status means we are sending the confirmation email to the email address on file. Sending the email should only take an hour or two at the longest. If the status persists past 24 hours, please contact support.

  • Transfer Submitted ETA: 6 day(s) - The transfer is submitted to the registry and all is well!
    You now have the option to wait 5-6 days for the transfer to complete or you can contact the losing registrar (the company you are transferring away from) and ask they expedite it. You do not have to wait, but please understand that does not have the authority to approve and expedite incoming transfers - only you the losing registrar has the ability to expedite and approve it. If/when they do, it should complete within an hour or 2. 
  • Rejected - The losing registrar has rejected your transfer. No explanation why is shared with so we suggest you contact the losing registrar (the company you are transferring away from) and they can explain and assist further.

  • Completed - Congratulations, the transfer is complete and the domain is in your ready for use!



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