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Knowledge Base    Website Builder    V7 Documentation: Redirects in the Website Builder

Redirects in the Website Builder

Last Updated: Dec 19, 2016

A redirect is a way to send both users and search engines to a different URL than the one they originally requested.

  1. To create a redirection first click on the Manage tab and then select Redirects.
  2. You can either click on the New button or on the create a redirect link.
  • Add the page from which you are going to create your redirection
  • Select the page you want Google to index (301) or the page you want your visitor to see until you finish the real page (302).
  • Select what kind of redirection you wish to create.
  • Save your changes when you are done.

When things change on a website and you do not have a 301 redirect instruction covering the change a few things can happen:

  • If someone clicked a link on another site that points to a page that has now moved or is gone the visitor will get a 404 error page, indicating the web server cannot find the page. With a 301 redirect instruction in place you can send them to the correct page or an alternative page if the page was deleted.
  • A search engine bot is just like a visitor who has been directed to a page from a link within your site, from another site or from their records in their index. They need to know also that the page has been removed or moved to a new location.
  • Your page is listed in a search engine or a directory somewhere and that link you worked so hard for is now useless if you moved it without a 301 redirect. You need to keep that incoming link by including a 301 redirect instruction so you don’t loose the link. A directory editor might not take the time to find where you moved the page to and just delete the link.

When you redesign a website with any changes to page names and/or location it is important that you do 301 permanent redirects so you do not have to start all over from scratch getting your new pages (possibly the whole site) re-indexed in the search engines.


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