Getting Started with Hosting

The cPanel – your site's secret underground lair

Basically, whatever you need to do for your site, you’ll do it in your cPanel—set up email, configure your FTP account, install WordPress, or upload your own code.

You can log into your hosting control panel in two ways: Access your account with your username and password, click on "Web Hosting" in the menu on the right side, and then click the green Hosting Dashboard button.


You can browse directly to your hosting control panel and enter your hosting username and password.

For more information, visit our knowledge base.

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Logging into cPanel

Get your mail on – email accounts

Set up your own accounts in your cPanel in the Mail category, under Email Accounts.

Step 1. Simply choose a name and password.

Step 2. Access your mail by going to Enter your email address and password in the prompt, pick a service to view mail, and start poking around.

For more information, Visit our knowledge base.

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Outlook 2007

Outlook 2003

Outlook 2000

File transfer protocol – don't be afraid

You’ll use your FTP account to import large files into your site (html pages, CSS code, or media).

Step 1. To set up your FTP, go to the cPanel, and click FTP accounts. You may be inclined set up a new FTP account with a new username and password. There’s no need. We already created one for you using the username and password you signed up with.

Step 2. On the bottom window in FTP Accounts, find your username (same as hosting page) and click “Configure ftp client.”

Step 3. Download configuration file (ftp or sftp). This will be a page of indecipherable code. Save it to your desktop.*
*Now you have to download the correct software based on the configuration code you have. For instance, if you downloaded the FILEZILLA FTP code, then go to and download the FTP software and install it.

Step 4. Open the FTP client software and import the configuration file when prompted. Connect using your login and password.

If you are having trouble connecting, try adjusting your firewall to allow the FTP software to pass through. This can be done on your computer’s control panel.

For more information, Visit our knowledge base.

One of the quickest ways to get that site up and running – WordPress

Install WordPress themes from within your hosting cPanel in a few easy steps.

Step 1. Login to your hosting account by clicking the Account button on the top of the homepage and sign in.

Step 2. Once you’re redirected, click Web Hosting on the left menu, then click the green Hosting Dashboard button on the next page, which will take you to your cPanel.

Step 3. On the bottom of the page, under software and services, click Fantastico De Luxe—look for the blue smiley face.

Step 4. On the left menu, five links down, click WordPress.

Step 5. Click New Installation in the window to the right.

Step 6. Enter your username and password—Remember, the password you choose for WordPress should be different from your account login.

Step 7. Open a new tab on your browser and type in your url. Check to make sure there is now a WordPress theme on the page. If there is a “Coming soon” landing page, go back to your cPanel. On the File Manager, under the Files menu, click on the folder public_html and look for a file called Index.html. Delete this file and ONLY this file, and check back on your url to make sure the place-holder landing page is gone and a WordPress page is there.

Since we are not WordPress, you won’t be able to login to your WordPress dashboard from the cPanel. You’ll need to login by opening up a new tab in your web browser and typing

For more information, Visit our knowledge base.

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