With Parllay, you can use your social media channels to create a social hub and personal magazine. Parllay makes it simple to curate your content and share it with the world in one place, and it’s an easy way to start using your domain name.

Parllay is currently in beta.
Get started today and be one of the first to try it.

Parllay is easy to set up, and generates a fun
and dynamic social hub in minutes.

Parllay Social Hub

All the content you need for your Parllay site already exists—just connect your social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Create a dynamic website of your social content

Parllay has plenty of personalization and
publishing options. Make it your own.

Publish your personal magazine

Parllay also helps you discover new content that might interest you and your audience. You can use Parllay’s built-in analytics to expand your social presence.