API Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use the API?

It’s free! There are no setup fees or annual fees. Simply pay for the domains you register through the API.

What is the pricing for each TLD / ccTLD registered through the API?

Because there are no setup fees or annual fees to use our API, we charge standard retail pricing for the first thousand registrations through the API. Once that volume has been reached, you will become eligible for special discounts based on your current volume.

What TLDs are available through the API?

’com’, ’net’, ’org’, ’info’, ’biz’, ’mobi’, ’me’, ’tv’, ’com.mx’, ’us’, ’tel’, ’im’, ’in’, ’cc’, ’ws’, ’name’, ’mx’, ’be’, ’de’, ’so’, ’co.nz’, ’co’, ’co.uk’, ’co.in’. (And we’re adding additional domains soon!)

Why can’t I access https://API.dev.name.com? (I see an error "forbidden you don’t have permission to access on this server".)

Only URLs in the API system are accessible on API.dev.name.com. for example:

https://API.dev.name.com/API/hello returns a correct response. Please refer to our API documentation for further details.

Why do registered domains show as available when I send an API request with my OT&E credentials?

In the testing environment, the API shows both preregistered and unregistered domains as available. However, in the live/production environment only unregistered domains will show a successful command response.

What does OT&E stand for?

Operational test and evaluation.

Are there any limitations to domain creation requests in the API?

There are no specific limits in place. However, red flags will be raised if multiple checks are being done one the same domain(s) in a relatively small period of time.

What is drop–catching?

Drop catching refers to registering domains on the drop. Currently, this is prohibited through the API.

Is WHMCS supported with your API?

WHMCS is not currently supported. We are in the process of requesting access. If you would like to submit your interest in integrating with WHMCS, please help us gain access by sending a brief email to WHMCS and also indicate your interest in the application form.

Do you have any sample code written for the API?

We have a sample php script with more languages coming soon.

What programming languages are supported in the API?

Although only the PHP example script is provided, you can code with any language that is supported as our API supports a RESTful API.

How do I fund my account?

You can fund your account by setting up a payment profile with any major credit card. You may also purchase account credit which will be applied to registrations performed through the API. Additionally, you can wire funds which will be applied towards account credit.

More questions?

Feel free to email our API support team: reseller@name.com (please allow up to 24 hours for a response).

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