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Discount codes (v8)

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2022

To enable discount codes for your Ecommerce Store, click on the item in the Store menu (1) and switch discount codes to active (2).

Click on Add a Discount Code or the + button to add a code.

Discount code
The code can be any combination of letters, numbers or symbols up to 255 characters. Codes are case sensitive so customers will need to type them correctly.

Discount type
You can create two types of discount code.

Percentage based discounts will take a percentage off the total value of the basket.
Amount based discounts will deduct a specific value from the overall cost of the basket. The value of the order can never fall below 0.

Discount code is active
You can disable the code so that it no longer works. This can be useful if you would like to keep the code for use later, rather then delete it completely.

Once you have added a code, it will be displayed in a list.

From here you can edit or delete each code by clicking on the menu icon at the end of each row (3).

Store customers can enter the discount codes before they select their payment method. The discount will be applied to the contents of the basket before tax and it will be added to the breakdown of the order.

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