Is your eCommerce site safe from cybercriminals?

Anyone can be the target of cybercrime—and if you operate an eCommerce business, you have even more at stake. Taking the proper steps to protect your website and your customer’s confidential information is crucial.

An extended validation (EV) SSL certificate secures your customers’ confidential information and assures them that your website is trustworthy and legitimate.

Secure Site SSL®

Secure Site SSL offers the highest level of security brand recognition, and is available with premium options, such as a green address bar and extended validation.


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True BusinessID SSL®

True BusinessID SSL certificates offer increased security via organizational validation, increased brand recognition, and dynamic site seals.


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256-bit encryption

Browser lock icon

Dynamic site seal


Green address bar

Extended Validation

Secure Site SSL

True BusinessID SSL

Download the free whitepaper, “Hidden Dangers Lurking in E-Commerce—Reducing Fraud with the Right SSL Certificate” to learn:

  • The risks and repercussions of cybercrime on your eCommerce store
  • The advantages of EV certificates over DV certificates (or no SSL at all)
  • How an EV certificate can inspire consumer confidence and promote growth