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Website Builder mobile quick start (v8)

Last Updated: Aug 27, 2018

The Website Builder is compatible with most iOS and Android devices. 

Recommended Browsers:

  • For iPhones, we recommend using Safari.
  • For Android phones, we recommend using Chrome.

Note: We use the word 'desktop' to refer to any kind of computer with a large screen.

The four important buttons

  1. Main menu: Switch to another application like Blog or Store.
  2. Add content button: Add new images, text or other content to your page.
  3. Desktop preview button: See how your website looks to visitors using desktop devices.
  4. Publish button: Make your website visible on the web.


Add content

To add content to your page:

  1. Tap the Add content button.
  2. Drag any item from the content panel onto the page.
  3. Drop the content on the page.

Desktop preview and page layout

To see how your website looks to desktop users:

  1. Tap the desktop preview icon.
  2. Alternatively, for a better desktop preview, rotate your device into landscape mode.

To change the layout that desktop users will see:

  1. Tap the item you want to move.
  2. Use the drag icon to move the item around the page.
  3. Drop zones are indicated in green as you drag the item around the page, release the item to place it.

Publishing your site

The first time you publish your site, you may be prompted to choose a temporary subdomain name.

When you publish your site it becomes visible on the World Wide Web (WWW). If you make changes to your site, you will need to tap publish again to make those changes visible.

Blog posts are published automatically: you do not need to click the publish button to make a new post live.


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