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.Jobs domain not resolving

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2018

There are several criteria that must be met to register a .JOBS domain. Registrations must be based on the legal name of the company or organization registering the name. Also, registrations should be made by people within the company responsible for human resource management. Below are some helpful pointers for getting your .JOBS registration approved.

  • Make sure the .JOBS domain you are trying to register is not too broad or it will likely be denied. For example: If you owned the New York Times, you would get approved to register NEWYORKTIMES.JOBS. However, you would not be approved to register NEWSPAPERS.JOBS.
  • Be sure to have your company/organization name in your contact details. If you need assistance to change your contact details, click here
  • It helps a great deal if you already have a domain name and an active website for your company. For example: If you already have and the domain points to an active website, it will help you getting approved for
  • Administrative contact email address: Your chances of getting approved are greater if your administrative contact email address is and resolves to an active web site.

**Note** It may take 48 to 72 hours for the .JOBS compliance department to review your registration. If you registered a .JOBS domain with us but you cannot modify or manage the domain after 72 hours, it may have been denied. If this is the case, please contact us and we can let you know if the registration was approved or denied. If your registration is denied, your order will be refunded.

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