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Knowledge Base    Hosting    cPanel: Changing PHP version in cPanel hosting

Changing PHP version in cPanel hosting

Last Updated: May 10, 2017

This article will guide in you in changing your PHP version for the hosting. Reasons you may consider this is if your developer instructs you to make a change, plug-in's that requires certain PHP settings or that you have setup your site to work with a particular value in a php.ini file. Below are the outlined steps on how to make the change.


  1. Log into your cPanel hosting account

  2. In the cPanel interface, locate the Software section.

  3. Click Select PHP Version.

  4. On this page you will see your current PHP version. Our hosting currently runs on 5.6 native.

    The native version is a preconfiguration that has limits to the options and most properties often cannot be modified

  5. Using the PHP Version dropdown, please make your version selection

    In most cases the safest option is to select the same version in the non-native variant as shown above

  6. After you select the version that provides the needed options, you will want to choose the Set as current control to save your changes.
  7. On this page you can also enable the extensions you wish to use for your version and in general. SImply select the extensions by chjecking them and click Save to update the extensions.
    Note: Save only saves the extensions, not the version. Click Set as current to save the version.

    For minor PHP issues often none of the properties need to be changed in this section, if you aren’t sure what changes need to be made, you can always set the default for that version and make modifications as needed.

    Once the version has been set you can test your site as well as check your php_info page (if applicable) 
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