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Knowledge Base    Domain Transfers    Incoming Transfers: Checking the status of an incoming transfer

Checking the status of an incoming transfer

Last Updated: Nov 06, 2017

When transferring a domain into from another registrar, it goes through several stages. To determine the status, please do the following:

  1. Log into and select Account from the top of the page.
  2. Click Transfers In Progress under My Domains in the upper left.

What do the transfer statuses mean?

The possible statuses are:

Retrieving Email: The system is trying to get the administrative email address from your current registrar company. Usually, this step is very quick. If you see this status for more than a few hours, please contact us to check that everything is alright. Don't forget to refresh your page to see if it updated. 

Sending Email: The system is sending the approval email to the administrative email address for the domain name. Usually, this step is very quick. If you refresh your page, and don't see the status change, please contact us to check that everything is alright.

Pending Your Approval: We sent a transfer approval email to the administrative email address tied to this domain name. Please check your inbox (and those pesky spam filters!) to confirm this transfer by clicking on the link in the transfer email.

  • The approval email is automatically sent to the email address that can be found on the public Whois search for the domain name. To check the email address, you can look up your domain on a Whois search tool, such as

  • If you have Whois Privacy enabled on your domain name, you need to turn that off so that the system can properly acquire your email address. If the email address showing up in the Whois search is out of date, you'll need to change it with your old registrar. Please allow some time for the Whois information to update, and then set the system to reacquire the email address: 

    Select Reacquire Email from the pulldown menu that will appear under the Status column, and then click Update.

Transfer Submitted: This transfer is progressing smoothly! The registry has requested a transfer from the losing registrar. If the losing registrar does nothing, the transfer will automatically complete 5 days from the transfer request date. Please contact your old registrar if you would like to expedite this process.  

Pending Unlock: The domain name is still locked. Domain names that are locked are not eligible for transfer. You will need to contact your old registrar for assistance with unlocking the domain name.

Pending New Auth Code: The authorization code you submitted when you started the transfer is not valid.  The registry won't allow the transfer to complete until the authorization code is updated. Please contact your old registrar and ask them to confirm your authorization code. Then enter the new authorization code on the Transfers in Progress page. 

Note: When transferring a domain name between registrars, the transfer is initiated on the gaining registrar end. Therefore, if you are transferring a domain name away from, you will not be able to view the current status of the transfer. You will need to contact the gaining registrar for the transfer status. 

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