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Knowledge Base    Website Builder    V7 Documentation: Creating an image album in Website Builder (v7)

Creating an image album in Website Builder (v7)

Last Updated: Aug 27, 2018

If you plan to add a lot of images to your site, it's best practice to group those images into albums. That way, your visitors can view the images they are most interested in within organized compartments.

  1. If you added your images already or if you want to add more images to the editor, you can do so by clicking Manage and then selecting Image albums.
  2. Click on the Add images button to upload images from your computer or select stock images from the library. Before creating your albums, all your images should be placed together.
  3. Click on an image to select it and a blue icon will appear on top of it. Select all the images you want to put in your album then use the Move drop-down menu to select Move to new album.
  4. Give the album a descriptive name and then click Create.
  5. Click on the Images tab on the left of your editor and then click on the search icon. Select the folder where you saved the images you want to see and only those images will be displayed.
This makes it much easier to find your photos and drag them to your site.
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