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Knowledge Base    Domains    Domain Backorders: How to place a backorder on a domain

How to place a backorder on a domain

Last Updated: May 08, 2017

Once you have a basic understanding of what a backorder is, you can purchase a backorder directly through's site.

How to backorder a domain

1. Go to the Deleting Domains page (you need to be logged in to see it). This is located in your account by clicking Domains on the top bar, click Deleting Domains under the Market section.

2. Search the domain and/or select the criteria for the domain you're interested in.

3. If the domain name you want cannot be backordered, a backorder option will not be available and a red X will show.

Note: We only allow one backorder to be placed per domain name and the domain must already have a set drop date.

4. If the domain you want is available for backorder, click the box to check the domains you wish to add to your cart and click the Checkout-button

4. Once in your cart, you can review the domain, and proceed to checkout. 


If you can't find the domain name you want listed, or you just don't want to wait, try checking out the wide array of New Domains on our search page, where there are a lot of great domain names available right now. 

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