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Knowledge Base    Domains    NameServers: Seeing different nameservers in Whois records

Seeing different nameservers in Whois records

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2019

If you are looking up your nameservers through a Whois search or other external records, you may see something that looks slightly different than what you see inside your account. Do not be alarmed! As long as the nameservers you see end with, the nameservers are still correct.

When you log into your account and look up the nameservers, you will see the standard name servers, as below:


However, you may see something else when you look up your nameservers through a Whois lookup or other means. Behind the scenes, customers are split among a number of different nameserver hosts, such as the example below:


The three letters after ns# will vary based on the account. These hostnames will function exactly the same as the—however they will help protect our customers from downtime related to malicious attacks on our nameservers.

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