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IP Address Block

Last Updated: May 10, 2017

If you have accidentally failed to log into cPanel a few times, the server may block your IP address. These blocks are put in place to protect the server in case of malicious attacks. If you haven’t failed logging into cPanel, but still see an IP address block, these can also be caused by a mail client or an FTP program attempting to connect with the incorrect credentials.

If your IP address is blocked, you will see the following error when you try to log in to your hosting:

Your connection to this server has been blocked.

IP blocks can be caused by failed login attempts or port scanning.

Most blocks are temporary, but can be permanent for repeated attempts.

Please contact for further information.

Your blocked IP address is [your IP)

This server's hostname is [your hosting server]

If you see this error message, do as it says and contact with as much information as you can provide — such as your domain name, username, IP address, etc. — and we will clear this block for you.

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