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Knowledge Base    SSL    Cancellation & Changes: Reissuing SSL certificates

Reissuing SSL certificates

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Reissuing a certificate is basically another word for reinstalling. You can only reissue a certificate for the same Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) and you cannot change the domain in any way. Reissue a certificate is appropriate when you change hosting server location, if something goes wrong during or after the setup if you want to change the algorithm, or you simply want to reinstall it.

You can reissue a certificate as many times as you want, but doing it repeatedly may raise certain suspicions which, in turn, may result in the completion of validations and verification of ownership.

Before we start we want to be prepared and generate the CSR since this will be used during the setup. Please see this guide on how to Generate a CSR with If you have hosting with another provider, you would need to generate the CSR with them, as well as contact them for any assistance with this process.

  • For Rapid, SecureSite & TrueBusiness SSLs please do the following:
  1. Click on the link here. Enter the required information, and click Continue. If the information was correct it will take you to the next screen where you can click on a button to Request Access.
    If you get a red error message at the top, stating Cannot validate the information you submitted. then please dry a different email address, whatever you may have on file, or try the domain with, and without "www." in front of it.

  2. You should have an email shortly in your inbox with a link to your Userportal. Click the link and it will automatically log you in. You have ~24 hours to click the link.
  3. In your userportal, there will be an option in the left menu to Reissue Certificate 

  4. This will start the Reissue Certificate setup. With the following options:
    • Language - Select your language
    • Hashing Algorithm - Select which algorithm you want. We support and recommend SHA256 root for our hosting. If you are not sure, please clarify with your hosting provider.
    • Enter CSR - This is the big text box where you would past in the CSR you generated. Please note that the top tag:
      & Bottom tag:
      should be included.
    • Check the box to Agree to the SSL Agreement and click Submit.

  5. Your CRT certificate will be emailed to the same email address shortly. For instructions how to apply the CRT to our hosting, please see this guide, and it will conclude the setup. If you have hosting with another provider, you would need to install the CRT with them or supply them with the CRT and they can install it as well assist further.
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