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Knowledge Base    Websites    Store: Inventory and stock tracking (v8 & v10)

Inventory and stock tracking (v8 & v10)

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2022

In Website Builder, you can track products and stock of products easily with alerts.

v10 Instructions

v8 Instructions


v10 Instructions:
v8 Instructions:

Keep track of your stock and optionally receive an alert when stock levels are low.

On any product page:

  1. Click the Inventory tab.
  2. Select Track inventory for this product.

Inventory tracking


Inventory settings

  1. Set a current stock level for your product.
  2. Set a stock level you would wish to be notified of.
  3. Toggle to allow purchase when the stock level is zero.

*Note: If you toggle Allow purchase when stock level reaches zero ensure you can fulfill the order.

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