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cPanel Hosting Resources

Last Updated: Apr 13, 2020

The code that runs your website can sometimes exceed the limits of the cPanel Hosting Product. Other times, incorrect code can make the server that runs cPanel run out of capacity to compute. To preserve the shared server, and the other users on the shared server, we limit out of control resources. Some or all of the following on your hosting package could be maxed out:


Physical Memory Usage
I/O Usage
Entry Processes
CPU Usage


You can see which limits you are exceeding by logging into cPanel and view the Statistics Section on the sidebar located on the right side hand of the cPanel backend. You can also view resource limit history by clicking on Bandwidth and Resource Usage underneath the Metrics section within cPanel.


Sign up for Resource notifications - By adding your email address to the cPanel account you automatically get notified regarding any resource concerns, what kind of issues are occurring and when they occur. Follow the steps in this guide if this is something you're interested in:

Enable/Disable Cpanel Excessive Resource Alerts


If you find yourself exceeding limits regularly, and your site is already optimized, you may need to consider upgrading your hosting to a plan with higher limits. (For Startup Hosting, or Namebuilder plans)

 Upgrading your hosting account


Optimizing your Website/s

Exceeded resources can be due to a poorly optimized website, plugin or other content using a lot of the processes or resources allocated to you within our hosting servers.


Content and Code in your hosting cPanel is something Support would be unable to assist with and is out of our scope of support. If you need further assistance with optimization, we recommend consulting a web developer.


A great place to start is through the Google Speed Test website. This gives your site a score based on how optimized it is and offers recommendations on what changes you can improve it. It's an excellent resource since it gives you specific things that you can focus on to optimize things. 


Some primary causes for exceeded resources include: 

  • WordPress Configuration – If your WordPress site is not serving cached pages, it can overload your server and cause your website to be slow or crash entirely.
  • Page Size – Commonly caused by images that aren’t optimized for the web, or large content that could be hosted elsewhere.
  • Bad Plugins/Themes – If you’re using a poorly coded or out of date plugin or theme it can significantly slow down your website. Sometimes a plugin that was working fine before can break, gobble up resources, and take your site down. You may want to try disabling various plugins, and see if this helps with the way your site runs. 
  • External scripts – External scripts such as ads, font loaders, and others can also have a huge impact on your website performance.
  • Content – The more images, scripts, plugins and cluttered themes all take up resources. If you reduce the amount of images, plugins, videos and imported objects on your website, or spread them out through various section you should see better load times. 


Here are some solutions we have discovered on the internet that has helped customers in the past for WordPress Websites:  

  • WP Beginner has a great guide full of tips to optimize the website which you can read here:
  • Utilizing Caching plugins
  • Disabling Plugins that could be causing problems
    • Plugins make a huge difference in performance. First, make sure all plugins are running the latest version. If plugins are discontinued or haven't been updated for a long time, consider replacing them. You can disable all plugins and enable them 1 by 1 in order to locate plugins that eat up a lot of resources. You can also install plugins that help optimize your site. has a huge library of plugins and they do a good job of displaying how long ago the plugin was updated: 
  • Using a CDN such as Cloudflare (Free options are available)
  • Choosing a good theme
  • Compressing images on the website
  • Keeping videos off of the website and uploading them to a service like YouTube and linking to them via HTML instead.
  • Enabling compression from within the cPanel "Optimize Website" tool


These are a few suggestions and solutions in order to optimize your website, but there are a lot more tips or tricks. However, fixing Content and Code in your hosting cPanel is something Support would be unable to assist with and is out of our scope of support. If you need further assistance with optimization, we recommend consulting a web developer. 


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