Refund Request Form



Providing this information will help us review and process your refund request faster.

Please specify which domains/products you would like refunded. If your order contains multiple domains/products, please specify which (if any) you would like to keep.
File uploads must be in an image file format (.JPEG, .PNG, etc.) and cannot exceed 8MB

IMPORTANT: In order to process this refund, we have to delete the domain or product and all of its content from our database. The request must be sent from the owner of the domain or owner of the account. We cannot cancel if it is has been more than the maximum refund period allowed (Go to refund policy).

Please note that once a domain is deleted it can be restored back to your account for a period of 30 days. We would however require a restoration fee in the amount of $120 plus the renewal fee. This includes a one year renewal for the domain.