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Batman, whiteboard art, and your daily dose of Name.com culture

In the dark of the night lurks a Name.com vigilante who fearlessly tackles the nasty bugs that customers may come across while browsing the site—Batman!

No seriously, we have a designated Name.com Batman. Our super talented dev crew takes turns donning the cloak for a few weeks at a time so they can focus on tackling any issues our customers may encounter while doing their domain and web service shopping.

Developer Tip: Look at your work from a different angle. Literally.

Patrick “P-Mo” Moroney made an important, game-changing observation: Code is longer than it is wide.

Stuff’s about to get real.

Name.com dev team going vertical with monitor

P-Mo goes vertical.






















Necessary toolage:

Xrandr to set the size and orientation of the screen

Swivel desk mount

Optional for Awesomeness:

Gentoo Linux on Macbook

X Windowing System

X Monad Window Manager

Developer tips and tricks



















Don’t let the dainty plate and tea cup fool you. This is extreme.