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How to register an emoji URL

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about emoji domains and why they’re not as popular as you’d think. And while I still wouldn’t recommend running off and converting all of your primary URLs to emoji versions, let’s face it—having an emoji URL is pretty sweet. They can be a great “vanity” domain, so to speak, that can redirect to your main website or forward to a Twitter or Instagram account.

However, emoji domains can be tricky to register successfully if you aren’t sure what you’re doing. Take a look at this step-by-step tutorial to learn how you can get your own emoji URL.

Do Not Be Afraid: Website Hosting is Your Friend

First, say this to yourself:

Hosting is easy. It’s the path to online greatness. Name.com will help me. Oh, and I get a free domain. (repeat)

Hosting is quite simply where a website lives. It is its Hobbit Hole. The place where your website’s data, graphics and communication are stored and nourished. It IS simple. Yes, we do have our super-duper easy website builder in PageZen, and we have many people who love it, but we know you can host and build your own website. We really truly believe you can. If you have trouble and want to throw fire at us, we are here to help. But let’s not be afraid. Not today. We’ve even brought in one of our customer support peeps who will walk you through the website hosting process.

And now a pleasant young man named Ryan. (Don’t worry about the big words, just push the buttons he tells you.)

Pleasant Young Man Ryan’s 9 Reasons Why Hosting is For You

1. Control your content. You can upload what you want, use what scripts what you want and can host files right on your site like videos, etc.

2. You can have 100 email accounts with our basic packaging and unlimited number of accounts with our other plans. (Other services like Google will allow you to have 10 email accounts for free, and if you want more, you have to upgrade to their Business plans at a whopping $5 per month per user. Don’t do it. Get your own hosting.)

3. You choose your email client: Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail.app, or, 3 webmail options Horde, Roundcube and Squirrelmail.

4. Stats, Stats, Stats. Our hosting platform also includes statistics. You can see who’s visiting, where they’re coming from, what they’re visiting, etc.

5. Your customers will love you (and return the favor). With an SSL certificate your customers that extra layer of security for shopping carts, etc, all of which you can host right on your account at Name.com.

6. You can customize your error pages. When someone fat fingers a URL on your page or clicks a link that doesn’t go anywhere, you can make that error page unique to your site so the visitor can go right back where you want them to go and the error messages aren’t vague or confusing.

7. Host more than one domain. With our Namebuilder and Unbelievable plans, you can host more than one domain with add-on domains, and have them all host their own content.

8. Create password protected directories so you can have available content for your visitors or members of your site, which is big.

9. Get fancy. For our advanced users (or users who have advanced friends), you can use programming languages like Ruby so you can have all the fun stuff that comes with that.

Now…let’s get it on! Pleasant Young Man Ryan is going to see you through this!

Hosting is easy. It’s the path to online greatness. Name.com will help me. Oh, and I get a free domain. (repeat)

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