Rightside’s own DJ STATN to perform at NamesCon

By day, Statton Hammock is the VP, Business & Legal Affairs at Rightside and our go-to expert on all things business, legal, and registry operations policy. But in his free time, Statton has a very different hobby—mixing tracks and DJing at events as his alter ego, DJ STATN.

We’re very excited to announce that DJ STATN will be keeping the NamesCon crowds pumped up while performing at the conference’s Sunday Night Cocktail Party!

No Bottoms Rupp this week

If you’re stateside, you know that this week marks one of the best holidays there is … Thanksgiving. This Thursday, all of our Name.com employees will be spending time with family and friends, watching football, and eating our way into a food coma.

That being said, we won’t be having a Bottoms Rupp Happy Hour sale this week. But don’t be too bummed out—we have a super awesome Cyber Monday sale planned that you’re going to love!

Our regularly scheduled Bottoms Rupp sales will resume next week. In the meantime, we wish a very happy Thanksgiving to our fellow Americans, and a phenomenal Thursday to our international friends!

5 common website mistakes (and how to fix them)

If you’ve ever started a website before, you know that the learning curve can be pretty steep. And unless you are a web design expert or have been building websites for years, you’re still bound to make mistakes every once in a while. However, if you think that your website should be attracting more visitors than it’s actually getting, there might be issues at hand that you haven’t thought about.

There are several common website mistakes that you may be making that are holding you and your site back. See if any of these problems or practices sound familiar, and find out what you can do to correct the issue.

Why New Domains are your new favorite networking tool

Making yourself or your business stand out amongst your competitors is no easy task. But having an online presence that is unique and interesting can give you a serious advantage—even before your new connection visits your website.

By using a New Domain that informs visitors of what it is you do or what you are passionate about, you can stand out for all the right reasons. Eye-catching, informative, and great looking on a business card, New Domains offer distinct advantages that can benefit website owners of all kinds.

5 of our favorite startups using New Domains at Web Summit

We made the long trek from Denver to Dublin for Web Summit recently and it was a fantastic time that was definitely worth the journey. We learned lesson after lesson in Dublin and saw opportunity after opportunity for not only the tech industry as a whole, but also for New Domains in particular.

On the New Domain front, we saw dozens of startups using New Domains as their primary URL for business websites. This is a stark contrast to the behavior and feelings regarding New Domains that we encountered in the past at similar events. Just a year ago we were hearing skepticism from the startup community regarding New Domains, but we’re now seeing both personal adoption and adoption from up-and-coming businesses.

To highlight some of the great usage of New Domains that we saw at Web Summit, we created a list of some of our favorites (in no particular order):

Bottoms Rupp | $0.99 domains to get you in the holiday spirit

Some people absolutely live for the holiday season, while others might cringe at the slightest hint of tinsel, holly, and giant inflatable snow globes. But here’s one thing that everyone can agree on: Registering New Domains for just $0.99 is a pretty sweet deal. Our holiday themed Bottoms Rupp Happy Hour sale this week is one you definitely don’t want to miss.

Have you seen these 4 easter eggs on Name.com?

Did you know there are easter eggs hidden on Name.com? No, not literal ones. We’re talking about the cool, sneaky feature kind of easter egg that you can find in movies, video games, or in this case, a website.

We actually have several of these little surprises hidden in various places on the Name.com website. Some you can find just by clicking around the site while others need a specific action for it to be revealed. In case you haven’t encountered any quite yet, we’ll point out four of them for you to check out!