Actors, Thespians, Performers, Players, Understudies, Ventriloquists: .ACTOR DOMAINS ONLY 99 CENTS

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It takes a rare soul to get up on stage and reveal yourself to the world, so don’t waste valuable rehearsal time trying to figure out your marketing. You can let a .ACTOR domain name do that for you. This week during Bottoms Rupp you can get your .ACTOR Domain Names for only $0.99.

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We’re sponsoring Boulder Startup Week, come hang out with us!


We’re heading to our second Startup Week of the year (with the first being Portland), and we’re beyond excited for it! We’ll be on the ground at Boulder Startup Week, roaming from event-to-event, giving out free t-shirts, free domain name, and hosting a handful of our own events.

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Building a company by focusing on building a community


It’s arguably impossible to scale a product or business without building a community. Building a strong community early on does two great things for your business: (1) It helps you build traction because early users often become the best product evangelists. (2) It position your business for long-term success because your community will want to see you grow and succeed.

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Bottoms Rupp | More 99-Cent Domain Names!

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At any given moment, someone could use a drink. We mention this not only because Bottoms Rupp is today, but because if you have and/or know of a good drinking establishment, then let the world know about it with a .PUB domain name. From 3pm – 5pm MDT today, .PUB domain names are only $0.99. That’s 99 cents. Less than a dollar. Take your pick of (non-premium) .PUB domains for what you could find on the floor of your car.

Click the handy dandy Bottoms Rupp Beer Mug below and get ready for the action. It only lasts two hours and it’s today.

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And while you’re waiting, you can get caught up on Beerial, our version of the ridiculously popular Serial Podcast.

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Video Killed the Radio Star | The Dawning of .VIDEO

Periscope. Meerkat. YouTube. Vimeo. Vizzy. Video is everywhere. Everyone is producing video content, but now you have an edge. You can share your video with a .VIDEO domain name.

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Hack the Dot Boulder is happening. Let’s #getnerdy together.


We’re sponsoring the Hack the Dot hackathon that’s coming to Boulder for Boulder Startup Week! We’re pretty excited about this because, while it’s not far from Denver, it’s the second city to host a Hack the Dot domain-driven hackathon.

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How to get more YouTube subscribers



Are you trying to get more YouTube subscribers? With a little work and experimentation, you can quickly boost the amount of people who are ready to watch your newest videos. Here are some ideas on how to get more YouTube subscribers:

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Why Beerial? Well it’s our Version of the Serial Podcast, but with discounted domains.

Marketing is hard. No, really, marketing in a creative, not-making-the-customer-smash-their-computer way is difficult. We could come to your home with a megaphone (and totally will if only for therapeutic reasons) but the Internet has made everyone super smart and keyed in on terrible sales tactics.

You’ve got to be organic, fun, subtle and offer domain names for a penny. So, with this newly installed empathy, you might be more emotionally available to this show we’re doing.

It’s called Beerial and is a total rip off of the podcast Serial.

You may have heard of Serial. It’s the podcast version of a TV whodunit like 48 Hours, and is actually about 48 hours. It captured most of us at name...

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99 Cent Domains | Bottoms Rupp Gets Low, real low

If you’ve ever wanted to share your opinion, then you’re a human. And if we know anything about humans, it’s that we also like to save money. So we’ve taken what we know about our species to create the next Bottoms Rupp Happy Hour special:

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alphabet soup noodles

A new month is upon us, which means the marketing team at was tasked with coming up with a new promo code for April. For some reason, we struggled to conjure what that magical price-dropping word should be. After much deliberation (and noodling), we decided that the April promo code shall be…

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