Think of the angels. Get a .TV domain name.

We’ve talked about the awesomeness of .TV domains on many, many occasions, and for good reason. .TV is short, has great availability, and lets your site visitors know that they’re going to get some awesome video content. You can register a new .TV for $10.99—the same price as a .COM—and immediately create a new destination for multimedia content.

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We want to spread the word and shed some light on the great products coming to life on domain names, which is why we’ve decided to start a new video series called Extended Family.

The first extended family member we’re highlighting is Brandfolder. Brandfolder is located right in our backyard here in Denver and they’ve built a useful tool for managing brand assets online. With their website, all your marketing assets can live in one spot, or, as they explain, “Brandfolder is your convenient source to visually organize, quickly find, and easily share all your final brand assets.”

The company, which graduated from TechStars’ Boulder 2013 class has crafted a great looking and useful product. We’ll let Brandfolder CEO Brian Parks take it from here:

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Some Heartbleed Bug advice for customers (and pretty much everyone with SSL)

In the past few days security researchers discovered a serious vulnerability in OpenSSL Certificates that has existed for more than two years. It’s called the Heartbleed Bug, and you can read more about it here. The basic problem is that personal information, like passwords and credit card information, could have been compromised on sites that were using OpenSSL.
The website was not vulnerable to the bug and has been rolling out the latest security patches on all systems to ensure that we remain unaffected. But this is a pretty serious bug, and if you’ve been using an SSL Certificate with (or any online company), we strongly recommend that you follow these two steps to update and secure your SSL:
Step 1: Generate a new Key / CSR (certificate signing request) from within your hosting account

Step 2: Re-issue an SSL certificate on your domain name. For more detailed instructions you can reference this tutorial.

Also—and this is very important—if you have users that log in to your site, we suggest that you notify them to reset their passwords. 

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Early Access to New Domains from for the Week of April 9th


The New Domains offer an interesting quandary: you find just the right domain name for your website but it’s not available to the public…yet you don’t want to wait and lose it to another person. That’s why we offer our Early Access Program (EAP) for New Domain names (insert heroic, orchestral music.) You won’t miss out on registering your name because EAP lets you register–and actually use!–various New Domains before the rest of the Internet.

Who’s down with the EAP?*

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Existential philosophers tackle some of your Facebook questions about New Domains

Learning about the glory of New Domains like .GURU, .WEBSITE and .CEO for the very first time can be a mind-blowing experience. We see newbie reactions to New Domain availability and open registration all the time on social media and it causes us to reminisce about when we heard about them for the first time and were like, “Whaaa?!?!” After we cleaned up the mess of our exploding mind grapes, we had some questions.

Chances are, if you’re just finding out about New Domains, you’ve got these same questions about the changing landscape of the Internet. To help you out, we asked some of the greatest existential minds to answer your most frequently asked New Domain questions. And then, because these guys are actually not very helpful at all when it comes to answering questions about New Domains (not to mention, a bit depressing), we answered them ourselves.

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Video tutorial: How to verify your contact information

As of Jan. 1, the contact information for domain name registrations has to be verified (it’s a new ICANN requirement). The verification process is extremely simple: when you register a domain, you can choose to receive a verification code either over the phone or via email. You’ll then use that code at to complete the verification.

It’s a one-time verification, so you won’t have to do it again unless you change your contact info. Here’s a video tutorial that details the verification process:

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Customer Highlight: How DMC Sewer and Water Repair Uses Their New .CONSTRUCTION Domain

Ever wonder who’s actually using the New Domains and how they’re using them?

Meet DMC Sewer and Water Repair, located in Colorado Springs. They’re a specialized excavation company and the proud new owner of ColoradoSprings.CONSTRUCTION, a brand new, market-centered domain. Market-specific domains like .CONSTRUCTION are incredibly popular New Domain options because they help carve out a digital industry niche, creating localized market communities that are easier to network in and navigate through. By grabbing a .CONSTRUCTION site with a relevant geographic tag like “Colorado Springs,” DMC Sewer and Water Repair is at the forefront of innovating the construction niche online.

Elizabeth Clarey, office administrator and billing manager for DMC, explains how the company is using the New Domain, why they took the New Domain plunge, and what the reaction has been so far.

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Spinning a Bigger Web. Early Access to New Domains: Week of April 2nd


Another week of the Early Access Program is off and running, meaning you can buy New Domains from the Donuts registry before the rest of the Internet.

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How to use your New Domain with an existing website, Part 1

New Domains are now available for immediate registration and use, creating some awesome opportunities for getting a new blog or website online. But what if you already have an established web presence? You don’t want to lose the people who are familiar with your current domain name, but you may also want to take advantage of a New Domain. We’ll show you how to have your cake and eat it too.

Solution #1: URL forwarding.

If you’re happy with your website’s current domain name, but  you want to use a New Domain to improve your brand’s reach or make an easy-to-remember address for an existing page, all you need is a simple URL forward.

Here’s an example: We already have a site for Bearglecorn, the mascot: (OK, fine, it’s just a test site for making tutorials)...

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Register a domain and get a free puppy

In an effort to show their appreciation for each and every person who buys a domain name with, the Denver-based domain registrar is offering a groundbreaking promotion where every new domain name comes with a free puppy.

Steve Banfield, general manager of, says that he’s never been a part of something so important and exciting. “To see the look on the customer’s face when they think they’re just getting a new .COM and they end up with an excitable Labradoodle … it just makes you realize the impact a domain can have on a person’s life,” said Banfield, who’s fresh off a nationwide tour discussing the new program.

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