5 reasons to participate in a hackathon

As we wrap up another successful Hack the Dot event in Portland, all of us at Name.com are reminded once more just how amazing hackathons can be. When you put a bunch of excited, innovative people in a room together and give them the task of creating something amazing, the results are often beyond words. Strangers become colleagues, ideas become reality, and kegs become tapped.

If you’re never participated in Hack the Dot or a similar event, you’re missing out. Here are some of the top reasons to participate in a hackathon in your community.

Root for Denver this weekend, because it means big domain discounts on Monday

In honor of Sunday’s game (which is of course exclusively called The Big Game, and nothing else), we’re having a big domain sale. But the sale depends on the outcome.

We’re rooting for our hometown team, so if Denver wins, you can use the promo code CHAMPS get some huge discounts on a big list of domain extensions, including $0.99 .ROCKS, .SOCIAL, and .NINJA. The sale will begin at 9 a.m. MST on Monday and end at midnight. Check out our sale page to get the full list.

Domain extensions for animal lovers

All you animal fans out there, I have some good news: There are hundreds of New Domain extensions now available to website owners, including a few that celebrate animals of all kinds. So if you’re passionate about animals, work as a veterinarian or zoologist, or have a pet supply business, you can use any of these animal domain extensions to create a better online presence.

Bottoms Rupp | $4.99 .TECH and .ONLINE

You’re a pretty tech savvy person—you probably have a domain, maybe a website, or you may even be able to code the most beautiful program anyone’s ever seen. So you know that you’re a technology expert—but does everyone else know?

To help you shout to the world your status as an online all-star, we’re discounting two awesome domains during this week’s Bottoms Rupp sale.

Our February promo code is a little nutty

Our promo code for this month is inspired by Namer/Rightsider extraordinaire, Matt Delgado (We made a cardboard cutout of him which you can see on the right side of this picture. We use it to photo bomb conference calls and occasionally leave it bathroom stalls to scare fellow employees. Oh, and he’s also our SVP, Operations.)

Matt visits our Denver office every so often, and whenever he comes, he seems to drink one thing and one thing only: almond milk. Every time. We don’t even keep almond milk in our kitchen, but nevertheless, he tracks it down and drinks it all day.

New Domain Ninjas: How .LIVE is making noise in the live streaming world

New Domains have brought about a whole new era of internet, and websites as we know them are beginning to change. Although big-name companies like Amazon and Apple have led the charge in securing and using new domain extensions, there are thousands of people out there that are using New Domains in exciting ways.

In our new monthly New Domain Ninjas series, we’ll highlight Name.com customers who are actively using new domain extensions in incredible ways.

Future of News series highlights journalism in a digital age

Journalism today looks very different than it did 50 years ago. Or even a decade ago. Or even a few years ago. In the midst of a digital age, industries are transforming the way they do business in an attempt to meet the changing needs and expectations of today’s consumers. This is especially true for the field of journalism, which continues to endure despite numerous claims throughout the years that the profession is dying out.

Journalism has survived the technological upheaval of recent years for a simple reason: It adapted. Newspapers moved to an online format. Broadcast journalists adopted Twitter as a new way to discover and report breaking news. And reporters who may have started their careers writing news stories via typewriter now curate news through mobile apps. Journalism as we know it is in the midst of a transformation that will shape the way we find and share news in the years to come.

Find us at Portland Startup Week

Last year during #PDXStartupWeek we walked many miles around Portland giving out domain names and learning from the best minds in tech. We slept very little and loved every moment of it. Eating was very nearly optional as you could practically dine on the enthusiasm. This year we’ll be back in the Willamette Valley with similar intentions. BUT THIS TIME WE’RE BUYING BEER. It’s not all about that, of course, so here’s the break down on all of the benefits we hope to bring to Portland Startup Week: