Domain happy hour is back!

Cheers to the return of domain happy hour! Now through August 31st, 2011 register recently deleted domains at majorly discounted prices!

How does it work?

Well it’s really pretty simple, thousands of great names drop and are available for registration starting at 2pm EST, 12:00pm MST, and as time goes by the price gets cheaper. This is happening every day till the end of August. Stay on your toes though, or else someone might grab the name you’re eyeing first.

Here are the times and prices for the Happy Hour. All times are in MST:

Time COM price NET price

12 – 2:59 pm $9.99 $9.99

3 – 4:59 pm $9.65 $9.34

5 – 6:59 pm $8.65 $8.84

7 – 8:59 pm $7.65 $8.34

9 -10:59 pm $6.65 $7.84

Not only is this a great way to snag some gems, but discounted gems no less! If you constantly find yourself perusing through the recently deleted domains list now’s your chance to register with happy hour pricing. If you aren’t perusing the recently deleted list you might want to check it out and see what you’re missing!

CLICK HERE to check out today’s list

Get your green on!

Very happy Earth Day to you! Earth Day first came about in 1970 to raise public awareness about air and water pollution. In celebration of our beautiful planet (and with conscious thought toward pollution), we are extending a 1-day only special on .ORG registrations:

Today only, use the promotional code, ‘FRESHAIR‘ and receive $7.15 .ORG first year registrations. Offer valid through midnight MST tonight.

We hope you’ll take a few moments today to think about your personal consumption and how you can actively reduce your output. Hop on your bike or ride the bus, use a reusable water bottle, recycle, fix leaky sinks, bring bags to the grocery store – its small everyday acts such as these that collectively go a long way. Let’s take one step forward toward a healthy sustainable lifestyle and planet. A green planet starts with awareness but action speaks louder than words, so go outside and get your hands dirty! Plant a tree or pick up some trash 🙂 Use your new .ORG to rally your community and get your green on!!

CEO Kills Elephant

The recent video of GoDaddy’s CEO, Bob Parsons, killing an elephant that was causing damage to farmer’s crops is all over the web. Between the professionally edited video to the release of it on his personal blog, we’re confident they knew what was coming and even invited the publicity (shocking, we know). It didn’t take long before PETA had declared a boycott against the company and Twitter feeds were blowing up with Anti-GoDaddy tweets.

A number of domain registrars and hosting companies have offered discounts to move away from GoDaddy and pledged to donate a percentage of the proceeds to elephant related charities. We applaud their effort to raise funds for these worthy causes, whatever their motivations may be. We debated internally how we could best respond to the situation, as making a quick buck didn’t sit right with us, no matter how tempting. Of course we want folks to know we are a great option if they are leaving their current registrar, but giving back is also a part of our company culture Gives Back. We really wanted to do something to help the situation, which was sadly brought to light by this incident. has made a seed donation to in the amount of $500, because we believe it’s the right thing to do. This organization benefits the elephants, the local farmers, and the habitat they both have to share. More interesting however is the alternative solution they have found. Turns out elephants hate chili peppers so they focus their efforts on training farmers to use chili peppers as a natural deterrent (we’re all about innovative solutions).

Many people have reached out and asked what we could do if they wanted to transfer their domains away. In addition to the seed donation we have decided to donate $1.00 from each domain that is transferred to us from GoDaddy, starting today and running through April 15. We want to give folks some time to move their domains and a little help if they have a lot to move. If you have more than 50 domains to transfer, email our support team at and we can offer assistance with any bulk transfers.

For more information on check out these links:

Elephant Pepper

National Geographic

Live Science

Reasons you should consider using

– Simple, easy to use interface
– Loads of cool tools and services
– No obnoxious up-sells
– Stellar customer support team
– The most aggressive thing we hunt is a double espresso in the morning. Android App Gets Local

Local Search

We weren’t kidding when we told you we’d be updating our Android app to include even cooler features. Our lead developer on the app, Owen, officially launched ’91local search’ this week. The local search feature uses the phone’s GPS to detect the latitude and longitude and then searches domain names for local businesses around that location.

The feature is a great way for businesses to locate strong keyword domains to register that will help them drive more business to their existing site. Geo domain investors rejoice! Now you can enjoy endless inspiration for hot geo domain suggestions from wherever you may be. Personally I’m surprised at how many local shops don’t have their domains registered! It’s a great opportunity to share with your favorite coffee shop barista or hairdresser why they should get their business online. It’s also fun just to search and poke around.

How To:

From within the app simply click on the ’91Location’ button from the menu. The tool will automatically detect your latitude and longitude (make sure your GPS is turned on) and then pull available domains based on places around your location.

Don’t Have an Android?

Don’t feel left out; for those of you who don’t have Android phones (we’re still planning on an iPhone app summer 2011!) you can test out this (beta) search functionality here:

We hope you enjoy playing around with the new tool! Let us know what you think.

March Madness

Spring is almost upon us! Surely the green beer will be flowing toward the end of the month and as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day we thought we’d share a shortcut to the end of the rainbow:

Use the promo code, ‘SHAMROCKS‘ to receive:

$8.75 COM/NET registration and renewals

We’ve noticed a lot of momentum around .TV so we’re going to continue our special pricing;

$10.99 .TV registrations ($9.99/year when you register for multi-years)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the team! Watch out for those leprechauns! 😉 (free) Mobile App for Android!

You have asked and we are here to deliver: Now announcing the mobile app for Android! We here at Name are addicted to our Smartphones, internally we use apps for just about everything. So while we knew we wanted to offer an app, we also wanted to offer more than just search and registration functionality (we really like to set ourselves apart from the crowd). Since our Domain Nabber tool is so popular we thought our users would really enjoy this functionality in the app.

Not to toot our own horn, but is one of the only ICANN accredited registrars to put a mobile app out on the market. With the integration of our mobile backordering platform, our app is unlike anything else out there. We decided to return to our open-source roots and release an Android app before an Iphone app (crazy, we know). We had been tracking the Android platform’s rapid growth so it came as no surprise when months later Android sales had officially overtaken iPhone. The Android platform also gave us greater flexibility in freedom of design and allows us to reach a wider variety of phones on multiple networks. Don’t worry though iPhoners, an iPhone app is next on the list!

Click here to visit the Android Marketplace for your free download (alternatively, you can use your Android phone to scan the QR code above)! I should note, for the next 6 months all mobile registrations will come with FREE Private Whois for one year! 🙂

We’ll let you poke around the app and discover all the convenient features for yourself but here are a few highlights:
-Search, view suggestions, register domain names
-Place backorders
-Order renewals
-Manage DNS

So what are you waiting for? Download it now! For more information and easy download options, please visit

We would love to get your feedback on our app! We’ll be checking the comments section of this post. Keep in mind this is only Version 1 and they’ll be many more exciting features when we update to version 2.

Help our video get more views than the GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial!!

Geeze, we’re up to our ears in buzz over the GoDaddy SuperBowl commercial. So they’re going to ’91unveil’ a new .CO girl, it might even be a blonde this time, ooooh, big deal! We will admit though, the hype did get us talking, but we quickly came to the conclusion that long gone are the days where a $3million dollar investment on a Super Bowl ad is worth it. We’ve got tens of thousands of potential views via the World Wide Web, so why not try that route? So in under 48 hours we pulled off our own Super Bowl commercial, at a fraction of the price. What does this mean for you? Well, we’re not going to try to sell you on sex appeal, instead we thought we’d simply lower our price. So check it out; register your .CO domain for just $7.77. Has a nice ring to it right? Jackpot! We’re going to throw .COM into the mix too- .CO and .COM just $7.77, this offer is only valid 2/6-2/12 on first time registrations.

Oh yeah and be sure to check out our video. I’m sure you’ll quickly see we’re not professionals. We did the best we could in the time we had and we hope you enjoy. While you’re at it, share it with a friend. 🙂

Help us get more views than the GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial! from on Vimeo.