Nike vs. Adidas: The Brand Cup for Futbol Fans


The Nike and Adidas rivalry heats up during the World Cup. Both brands are vying for eyeballs and engagement that they know will help fuel an enormous amount of sales for years to come. The lucrative prize of winning the “Brand Cup” is why Nike and Adidas come to the World Cup with all of their marketing firepower. The companies work on elaborate campaigns for months and years, knowing that the World Cup is one of the biggest marketing opportunities they have. The companies get the top players to talk about them in commercials, on social media, and in television interviews, in addition to sponsoring everything possible that has to do with the event.

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Be wrong as fast as you can: Failures are the best learning opportunities


Most people don’t want to fail. But, if you fail fast and fail early, you’re going to learn quickly and ultimately be a better innovator. You become more innovative when you aren’t afraid of failure because failing is a direct result of bending the implications of what you thought you knew. Failure comes from taking risk and it changes your understanding of reality.

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Building Relationships with Your Customers for Long-Term Success


The Internet is filled with tools that make it easy to turn customers into brand fans and evangelists. Using tools like Facebook and Twitter makes it easy to respond to every customer interaction in a very personalized manner. What’s this mean? Your marketing strategy going forward should focus more on how to turn your brand into a relatable figure, rather than sending out mass messages that solely focus on pushing your products and services.

Besides the customer acquisition benefit of being friends with your customers, you can learn a lot by being in constant contact by chatting with customers all of the time...

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Why are startups turning to .IO?


.IO has become one of hottest domain name extensions for startups. This is a little peculiar, since .IO has existed since 1997 and was originally assigned as the ccTLD for British Indian Ocean Territory. So, why are startups turning to .IO?

With .IO, startups can get short and memorable names, because .IO has great availability. A .IO domain name can be a better option than coming up with a long and confusing domain name that uses a more established extension (or buying expensive premium domains). To put it simply, .IO’s are an easy way to get a great domain for a great price, and .IO has a handful of other defining benefits.

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An open letter to small businesses: Get a .BIZ domain name!

Dear small business owners,

We know it can be difficult to find a good domain name. You’ve probably spent a lot of time searching for a good .COM for your business, only to find that the exact match for your business name was already taken. It might be taken by another small business with an identical name halfway across the country. So eventually you may have settled on a long, confusing .COM domain name with dashes and intentional misspellings and other sorts of wackiness that make your domain difficult to remember.

Well, there’s a solution. There’s an underutilized extension that’s perfect for small businesses: .BIZ.

We’ve got a little exercise for you to try. Take the city you’re located in, and combine it with a generic term for your business (think of where you’d be listed in the yellow pages). Then add .biz to the end. I’m going to use the example of a flower shop located in Denver.


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Startup Couple: A Tutorial to Tech Fluency

It’s Denver Startup Week and sometimes it’s hard to get past certain things … like language. The jargon of the startup community can be an adventure on its own. To celebrate the parlance of the industry, we contacted doting couple Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor, two people who couldn’t be more associated with the Denver/Boulder tech explosion, and interviewed them. Turns out that they are the perfect pair to disrupt and revolutionize the status quo. Whilst iterating, they drill down in an epic paradigm shift of leverage, and emerge Rock Stars and/or Ninjas of the Startup Community.

It happens to the best of us. One day you’re just a person, the next day you’re an epic maven. It’s all about the pivot.

Who exactly are Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor? They recently co-authored Startup Life: Survi...

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3 social media tips for your WordPress blog


You’ve worked hard to create quality content for your WordPress blog or website, and now you want to make sure people actually see that content, right? One channel for distributing your website’s content will obviously be social media, but WordPress themes can be hit or miss when it comes to presenting you with great social media integration options. Here are some basic guidelines for giving your WordPress site a better social media presence, and some suggestions for plugins that will get the job done.

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Branding: The Six Principles of Contagious Ideas


The book Contagious: Why Things Catch On, by Jonah Berger, is a quick read that is guaranteed to get your brain buzzing. If you’re in the marketing and advertising industry, it’s full of simple and fun to read “Why didn’t I think of that?!” notions. Berger, who is a Professor of Marketing at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, has spent hours upon hours researching messages that became contagious, meaning they caught on and became viral sensations. Berger’s research led him to create what he calls six key STEPPS. The STEPPS are all great things to consider when you’re using tools to position your brand online, because they’ll help make your brand more sharable and start an online conversation about your product.

Here are Berger’s six principles of contagious ideas:

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You may have noticed the YouTube logo change on your mobile device recently, but now Google is rolling out a new logo and branding overhaul for YouTube across multiple platforms– with the dramatic logo change now visible on Facebook and Twitter. The new logo replaces the plush and plump looking old logo with a modernized and extremely simplistic new one. However, YouTube hasn’t yet replaced the logo on the actual YouTube website yet. What do you think of the new YouTube logo?


Comment below with your thoughts on the new logo:

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Building a better contact page

Whether you’re an online business trying to provide your customers with the best support possible, or a blogger who wants to make it easy for readers to send feedback, it’s crucial to have a good contact page on your website. Here are a few tips for creating an effective contact page.

Make it easy to find the contact page in the first place

This may seem obvious, but it’s surprising how many sites bury their contact page deep in a drop-down menu or only include a “contact us” link in the page footer. Unless you’re actively trying to avoid having people contact you, your “Contact us” link should be easy to find.

Providing great customer support is a big thing at, so having an obvious  “support” link in our site header is an absolute necessity.

Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 12.49.02 PM

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