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New Domain extensions and SEO: Here’s what we know

The debate about the impact that New Domains have on SEO has been hotly disputed over the past couple of years, but the evidence speaks for itself: More and more cases of New Domains organically reaching top search results are coming to our attention each day. Is this simply because they are a New Domain? No. Google has already said that New Domains are treated exactly the same way as traditional domains.

SEO has long been a puzzle that has very few concrete answers, so adding New Domains into the mix means even more mysteries about what algorithms are looking for and how websites are ranked. Here’s what know so far about New Domain extensions and their SEO impact.

5 social media tools to add to your arsenal

Social media is a must for any individual or business that wants to promote their brand and grow their web following. But that doesn’t mean you have to dedicate all of your time to painstakingly posting Tweets at the ideal moment or becoming a Photoshop expert so you can create compelling graphics. There are now hundreds of social media tools out there that can help you better manage your time and post more engaging content. We’ve highlighted five of our favorite social media tools for you to try out.

4 QR codes that should be replaced with New Domains

QR codes, for whatever reason, seem to be sticking around despite their lack of mass adoption by consumers. Earlier this year, I wrote an article about the problems with QR codes and suggested a solution for simplifying navigation to specific landing pages—New Domains.

Rather than hoping that your audience has an app that reads QR codes (or worse, expecting someone to download one just to get to your landing page), companies should make it simple for anyone to access the page you’re trying to drive traffic to. Using a short, relative New Domain is a much more user-friendly way to get people to where you want to go. Not only is it easy for anyone with a smartphone to type the domain into their web browser, it’s also memorable enough that they can remember the address and look it up later when they have access to a computer.

To prove our point, we’ve tracked down four examples of QR codes that can easily be replaced with a short domain.

Optimize your Instagram profile link with URL forwarding

Whether you’re a blogger, a small business, or just have an exceptional fondness of selfies; Instagram is a powerful marketing tool that most of us (excluding John Rupp) are familiar with. However, it comes with one drawback—you can only have one link in your entire Instagram profile.

So what if you want to share the recipe to the amazing meal you just posted? Or if you have a special promo code for your Instagram followers only? While it’s possible to share those links in your profile, it requires you to update your website link every single time. Have you ever tried manually typing in an 84-character-long web address on your phone? It’s neither fun nor efficient.

From .DENTIST to .PLUMBING: Career-related New Domains

Looking for a website that suits your business or profession? You’re in luck: Among the hundreds of New Domain endings now available for general registration, there are a ton of choices that can be used to highlight what you do for a living. Whether you’re creating an online portfolio for your job hunt, looking to connect with new clients, or creating a website for your business, these career-related domains just might be perfect for you.