Inside the Foundry Group Office


We spent some time in the Foundry Group office in Boulder last Friday filming a quick spot that we put up on called “The Startup Couple.” The startup couple is a dynamic duo that awkwardly always talks in startup lingo and they just don’t know how to differentiate from the bedroom and the boardroom. To them, everything is business. For example, instead of getting married, they just signed a noncompete agreement.

In real life, the startup couple is Brad Feld and Amy Batchelor. While we edit the first video together, we thought we’d give you a brief tour of their office.

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Drunk History celebrated with “Drunk Developer: Bitcoin Edition”

We all know that those who have the most to say are usually drunk, so why not take advantage of this slurring verbosity and get the most out of our alcohol? This “Drunk History” concept is not ours, it is that of Derek Waters and the intrepid team at the website Funny or Die. I’m not hyperlinking you there because you’ll leave and not come back for hours. Google it later. First, join a drunken Pat “P-Fro” Ramsey and a cast of elite actors to learn more about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency that’s becoming quite popular amongst investors, consumers and retailers.

Drunk Developer soars above the often dry and boring jargon of giddy tech evangelists to share inside information on the hot, new peer-to-peer money. —Satoshi Nakamoto

With help from our good friends at Highland Mist (abou...

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Innovation with Gaiam’s Jesse Weaver Part 2. | The Insightful

Frustrated about the creative process? Think your company should try something new but don’t think they ever will? In Part 2 (here’s part 1) of our interview with Jesse Weaver, he drops some of the most important knowledge we’ve ever heard about how to move forward with your ideas. Knowledge? Nay, this is wisdom. Weaver brings the sage, and reminds us to respect the history of the brand and get to know the structure within you’ll be working, before startling anyone with radical ideas. Yet when all the pieces come together, you’ll be thriving in a “culture of innovation.” So here we go with a brilliant bit on the cohesive brand experience and selling something new to the higher ups.

The Insightful is posted here about every Wednesday, and offers information and advice to entrepreneurs and ...

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Know Your Customer: An Insightful Conversation with Gaiam’s Jesse Weaver

When analytics aren’t enough, you need to find other ways to find out who your target audience is. Jesse Weaver works at Boulder’s extremely successful Gaiam, the company that “provides products, resources and inspiration for a healthy mind, body, home and planet,” and he shares how he and his crew get to know who is watching their videos and buying their products. It seems to be working. Gaiam is very well known for its fitness media and has already helped make a superstar out of yoga guru Rodney Yee. Here’s part 1:

The Insightful is posted here every Wednesday, and offers information and advice to entrepreneurs and business ninjas. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for regular informative and entertaining videos.

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The Colorado Fires: What you need to know and how you can help.

Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs

It’s hot, it’s dry and we’ve got fires everywhere. Two new ones started in the southwestern part of the state yesterday, and as of today, the Waldo Canyon, High Park and Flagstaff fires are burning a combined 80,000 acres. If you need an impression of how bad things are, people who were just evacuated from Colorado Springs are now being evacuated from Monument, which is about 12 miles north.

All of the local papers, like the Denver Post, Colorado Springs Gazette and the Fort Collins Coloradoan provide excellent updates, plus check out this amazing interactive Google map:

google map of colorado wildfires

Click Me.

The Waldo Canyon Fire is making the most news as it’s actually in the city limits of Colorado Springs. You always think of wildfires in some remote area where entire neighborhoods aren’t laid to waste...

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A Product Manager’s Guide to Developer Diplomacy

Greetings! Shannon the Product Manager here, talking to you today about the mystical and fascinating creature that is the Web Developer. It’s no secret; I spend a lot of my time in the developers’ den trying to comfort and sway developers into action without stepping on too many toes. It’s a delicate line, and I walk it quite well.

Where other Marketing Agents have fought valiantly and failed, I have succeeded. How? I’ll tell you right now. I have 10 fundamental rules that, as a whole, comprise the “Shannon Brown Theorem of Developer Diplomacy”

The web developer in his natural habitat

1) Write a detailed spec for the project that they’re working on. Make sure you know every nook and cranny of the document and be ready and willing to tackle any issue that pops up...

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Ink! is Back: And so are our Proper Doses of Caffeine

Dear Ink!,

As you can see we’ve missed you.

ink! coffee cherry creek denver colorado

ink! coffee cherry creek denver colorado


But with you gone no one’s had the energy to do anything really cool for your return. You, however, have come back in style:

ink! coffee cherry creek denver colorado

That’s right, free coffee today, March 16th, 2012. If you’re in Denver or have the means to travel really fast, the coffee’s on them.

Background: Just before Christmas a huge water main break took out half a block of business, including our drug suppliers at Ink! and the entire Merrill Lynch building (although we have noted the economy has only gotten better.)


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Thank You for Taking our Survey! The good stuff Part 1

GoDaddy alt. Also, new layout and checkout are seamless and beautiful.
Easy to use. Love the new checkout process!
The simplicity and focus of the site are exactly what I need. No unneeded clutter.
Simple and clear interface.
Easy interface
Plain and simple. Good stuff :)
Your website gives the impression that creating and managing domains will be easy, simple, and efficient. That is exactly the experience I’ve had since I’ve become a customer. After dealing with 1 and 1’s horrendously complex (and slow!) site to mange domains, is amazing. I don’t want to spend hours doing something that should take minutes.
Price and good multi-search facility. Also not trying to shove lots of other stuff at me with each logon/purchase...
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An Open Letter to Danica Patrick

Dear Ms. Patrick:

You’ve had a rough weekend. You were in two big car accidents. Most people get into a fender bender and for weeks it’s all they talk about. They consult doctors, lawyers and learn Reiki, but not you. You get back into another car and wreck again.

First, it should be said that neither accident was your fault. And, secondly, please know we have much respect for you. Even the race announcers lauded the way you handled the first crash, having the wherewithal to take your hands off the wheel to avoid arm injury. With any of us there’d just be a lot of screaming and moisture. But I digress. The reason why I’m writing to you today is because we’re concerned for your well being, and want to offer you a safer gig.

An Incident at your work:

Danica patrick crash

You after being nudged to what seemed cer...

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Congratulations on the winners of our .BIZ giveaway!

Let’s hear it for our 5 lucky .BIZ giveaway winners:

Chandra with
Manuel with
Nadir with
Farrukh Saleem
Amir Vahed

We selected 5 winners at random from all the entrants to our Facebook, ‘Small .BIZ-ness Giveaway’ contest and awarded them a year’s subscription to PageZen Unlimited and SEO Tutor. For those of you who don’t know, PageZen is an easy drag & drop website builder you can use to make a simple website quickly. SEO Tutor is our search engine optimization tool that suggests back links and target keywords etc. custom to your industry and website to improve your site’s visibility in search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Manuel, who has already gotten started with SEO Tutor said this about the platform:

“I ...

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