Project #FreeDavidWalshDotName = SUCCESS!

What happened with David Walsh? His domain was stolen and we got it back. Sounds pretty mundane, but it’s such a crazy story it deserves its own promo code. As a matter of fact, it even made the evening news:

It’s true. We’re not making anything on these transfers but we’re just so darn excited. Use Promo Code “DAVIDWALSH” and transfer in any COM/NET for $7.25! Transfer in any .NAME for just $6.99! AND THAT INCLUDES A YEAR REGISTRATION! You also get all the cool freebies, the domain forwarding, the social URL forwarding and, most importantly, the free VIP Security to keep your domains safe.

THIS JUST IN…MORE INFORMATION: We’ve just received details from behind the scenes. When a domain is stolen, this is how the Name Ninja team handles the situation:

The David Walsh Incident

~ Zero Hour ...

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Is your website safe?

Last week a string of domain hijackings caught the attention of many. Perhaps because the victims of the hijackings are all well established, technologically savvy individuals. The three notable cases where,, and each of them have written their own blog posts detailing their experience of finding out their domain was stolen and the ugly road to recovery. We won’t speculate too much on what happened but we do want to give everyone a heads up on security features that you can put in place to insure that this won’t happen to you!

If you are not currently a customer, you should be :) We are running a $7.39 COM/NET transfer special from now through the end of December. You can click here to start your transfer and then follow the instruction...

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sopa opera: An abuse of power or a money-saving Pirate destroyer?

What is SOPA? It’s the Stop Online Piracy Act, and it’s heralded as way to curb online piracy (I hope you didn’t come here for in-depth coverage.) The bigger story is that it’s Justin Beiber against SOPAticked off Justin Bieber and inspired AOL, Mozilla, eBay, Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Yahoo! and Zynga to sign a letter stating, in part, that:

“We cannot support these bills as written and ask that you consider more targeted ways to combat foreign ‘rogue’ websites dedicated to copyright infringement and trademark counterfeiting, while preserving the innovation and dynamism that has made the Internet such an important driver of economic growth and job creation.”

See why Boulder-based VC Brad Feld says NO to SOPA.

See why the MPAA thinks Brad is wrong.

Now back to Bieber. When he was informed about SOPA he s...

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Have you guys heard of Small Business Saturday?

All the big box retail stores cash in on Black Friday, the notoriously huge shopping day following Thanksgiving. E-commerce sites have their big day the following Monday, coined Cyber Monday. So where does that leave the small mom & pop shops? Alas, Small Business Saturday was born. American Express first created the event on November 27th, 2010 and it rapidly gained popularity. Small business owners have carried the momentum and this year promises to be even bigger than last. Just check out the 2.2 million ‘Likes’ on the Facebook page.

As a small bus...

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Are we great lovers?

Looking at this had us wondering, “What does means to you?” Please comment below.

branding, marketing, public relations, advertising

Anyone know where the above graphic came from? Bo, our product manager, got it from his wife and then he gave it to our Marketing Coordinator who gave it to me. Brilliant. So, anyway, what does mean to you?

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Cloud versus cloud and using it with

So my uncle has been using Macs since way back when they were steam powered. He calls anyone who uses a Mac today an “Appleton”, which I think is something like a simpleton, but with Apple products. I can’t help it that I was born after smartly dressed men did simple math on using iCloud cloud with name.comcomputers the size of swimming pools, and I like that Apple products–heck, all computer products–are tiny, super powerful and so user-friendly that a lemur can Tweet. Now, things seem to have gotten even simpler. Not only do I bring this up because is now a slick, streamlined one-stop for all things domain, web building and overall personal and professional ease and joy, but that even an Appleton like myself is excited about the use of Apple’s new ICloud.

Besides, your services work well with ICloud, ...

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The only last-minute halloween costume guide you'll ever need

I’ve asked our Twitter followers and our Facebook likers and all of the people for cheap easy quick halloween costume ideaseasy and quick Halloween costume ideas. This list is pretty awesome. You’ll be getting more compliments and candy than people who have been planning all year. Let’s start with Elsa, who inspires us daily with stories from school and impressive gymnastic tricks. Her costume? Rock star. Quick, inexpensive and easy on parents.

Easy halloween costume

Let me introduce you to Customer Support Guru and Costume Genius, Nic. He made a bear costume out of a 5$ rug. And he offers up these brilliant ideas:

Step 1) Buy White Shirt
Step 2) Write “Go Ceiling!” with Sharpie on the front
Step 3) You are now a Ceiling Fan

Step 1) Buy three hotwheel pickup trucks
Step 2) Glue in a line on the front of your shirt
Step 3) You are now a Picku...

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Tebowing for Tim Tebow: The Fad that's Spanking Planking

Or is it? Does Tebowing have the staying power of Planking, or Horsemanning for that matter? We thought we’d ask in an all-important poll.

[poll id=”4″]

Some background: While I’ve only heard about some of these trends, I do know that Planking is lying rigid, with arms at your side, like a plank. Photo evidence of your plankability would then be provided to the Internet. People who do this are not called Plankton.

Tebowing or this?“Mushkining” is this insane move pulled off by founder/CEO Bill Mushkin. Not sure if it’s going to take off. (Thanks Elliot!)

Tebowing is the new craze in which you pay tribute to the Denver Bronco’s quarterback (American Football, NFL) by dropping whenever and wherever you want to do a little prayer. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing–you drop and pray...

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Beer Friday: We got a Keg Cap Tap

The story around the office wasn’t so much our new gift, but that something had “cleared the war room”. The “war room” is where our dev team holes up in a small space withlegend of karate kid concentrates like a developer charts, graphs, computers and the concentration of Mr. Miyagi. They stay there all day troubleshooting and brainstorming. It’s a big deal, and we’re told that those of us on the outside will never understand.

But then the the inventor of the Keg Cap Tap sent us “the perfect tap handle for every keg.” It was if the war room guys had just found out about sunshine. They wandered out into the open and gathered around the kegerator. With quiet admiration they celebrated the latest innovation in beer liberation.

The keg cap tap from Colorado inventor Matt Ferris.

Some of you may know that every keg comes with a little cap...

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Ode to Joy: free food in the office kitchen

So Katie, who’s renowned for her healthfulness, keeps the rest of us from getting rickets with her Kind office contributions. This is probably like your office, where free food vanishes…

Thank you Katie. Do you have any more?

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