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Sledding with the Kiwis: Bobsled Adventure Part 3

When we last left off, I was engaged in a bet with .XYZ CEO Daniel Negari. If I get the best bobsled time, he has to promote in the streets to the point of being maced. If he bests me, well then I need to spend a day covered in .XYZ stickers. The rest would be history … except that at we capture everything on video and preserve it forever and ever.

So Daniel had done his slope sliding; now it was up to me to beat his time of 57.8 seconds. That’s one mile, btw, that bobsledders do in a fuselage not unlike a shark carcass.  Here’s the video of how it went down:

We can’t thank our Bobsled sponsors enough. First off, .XYZ is in the hizzy! And by “hizzy” we mean “every website, everywhere.” The new domain .CLUB is also a sponsor. As you can imagine, they bring great new marketing opportunities for the bajillions of clubs of varying interests and patrons.  Also many, many thanks to the .KIWI team for bringing their New Zealand party to Canada AND everyone should know about the incredibly innovative .HIV and their being the Red Ribbon of the Digital Age.

Also, .BUZZ put up money and great faith for this trip. Their CEO Bill Doshier explains why they jumped on the opportunity to work with the New Zealand Bobsled Team. “If they stink at it we probably get a movie or book deal much like the Jamaicans,” says Doshier. “If the Kiwi’s get faster, and make the South Korea Olympics in 2018, we’ve been assured we get to march in the opening ceremonies with the team.  Definitely a win, win.”

Bill should do more quotes.

Finally, not sure if bobsledding.NINJA is taken, but it’s definitely a good idea to get your sport, passion, idea, or business in front of any of those New Domains, all of which will be available at

 Oh, and finally finally, here’s a tiny little link that has some kind of offensive language as I present my bobsledding experience to a packed house for  Ignite Denver!

Getting to know the New Zealand Bobsled Team, and a bet with .XYZ

This is Part 2 in a series of posts and videos about’s adventures with the New Zealand Bobsled team. Go to Part 1  |  Go to Part 3

As you may have heard, is sponsoring the New Zealand bobsled team, along with fellow sponsors .KIWI, .XYZ, .BUZZ, .NINJA, .CLUB, and .HIV.’s Jared Ewy visited the team in Whistler last week, got to know the team members, and even hopped in the bobsled himself (and held on for dear life).

Yesterday, Jared gave us an overview of the Worst Case Scenarios for bobsledding. Today, he introduces us to the team members, and also makes a friendly wager with .XYZ CEO Daniel Negari. The stakes: If Jared pulls off the fastest time on the one-mile track, Daniel has to sing the praises of with all the enthusiasm he can muster. If Daniel wins, Jared has to walk around covered in .XYZ gear—from head to toe.

Stay tuned for more videos from Jared’s trip to Whistler, and in the meantime, how about checking out some New Domains? .NINJA and .CLUB are available for Preorder right now.